Alchemist Vol 8, No 13

Euphoria & Alchemy 2015 Dates
Hungry Catepillar
Temple Sunrise Project
Survival Guide
Volunteer update
Funded Art & Scavenger Hunt
Flame Effect Guidelines & Registration

The FAI Board of Directors and Events Committee would like to announce the following dates for 2015:

Euphoria will be held April 30 - May 4, 2015 @ Cherokee Farms
Alchemy will be held October 1 - October 5, 2015 @ Cherokee Farms
So mark your calendars, start saving for tickets, and start planning your art. Ticket information and other details will be released later, stay tuned to The Alchemist for that announcement.

Theme Camp Early Entry Request Deadline Approaching!

A friendly reminder from your placement team: The deadline for theme camps to submit their early entry requests is September 20th.  Follow this link to complete the form:

Each camp can request early admittance for up to five people.  Please use legal names.  Early entry begins on Wednesday Oct 1st at noon and closes at 9pm.  

Questions?  Email

Funded Artist Blog Post #16: Chris Cleary / Father Time 2.0

Father Time 2.0 as created by Chris ClearyFather Time

Alchemy 2014 Survival Guide

The Alchemy 2014 Survival Guide is hot of the digital presses! We’re building a more interactive version of the survival guide but while you wait you can check it out by clicking here!

We have taken a lot of time make sure things are up to date and some policies have changed.

Find out what mysteries and wonders await you at Alchemy this year!

I personally challenge you to find the secret hidden in the guide!  Go try to find it! If you do follow the instructions once you get to the burn!

We even have a printer friendly version!

Alchemy 2014 Placement Map

The Alchemy 2014 Placement Parliament is pleased to announce to the public the placement map for this year!  This year certainly set a record for the number of registrations we recieved! We have 107 theme camps registered this year with an estimated 2000 campers. That is a whooping  62.5%  of the participants of this years event!

Continuing the trend from Euphoria 2014, the placement map this year is an interactive one.  This means that you can explore the city before you even get to Alchemy!

Here is a key to the map.


Black = No Sound or Fire

Red = Fire

Blue = Sound

Purple = Fire & Sound

Be sure to check out all of the art  as well!


Click here to open the map in a new window:

For a static, downloadable version, click here:


You can also download the Maps Engine app for your smart phone. On the Android app you can even GPS yourself to a theme camp!

Many thanks go out to Ash Monogue, Sarah and Serenity of the Art Team, and to all of you wonderful participants who are bringing your theme camp. We really look forward to all the wonderful experiences you are offering.

This year is really going to be a hootenanny!


Early entry gates open on Wednesday at noon (instead of 9am).  If you are seeking early arrival you must

be part of a registered theme camp.  Please fill out this form to arrange an early

entry pass.  

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at

Your Alchemy 2014 Placement Parliment

Rhiannon & Lindsey