Flashpoint Artists Initiative 2016 Event Committee Selected

It is our great pleasure to announce the slate for the Flashpoint Artists Initiative 2016 Events Committee (also known as the Event Lead Team). This year's applicant slate was both large and impressive, which is a great indicator of the health and strength of our leadership community. 

After a successful 18 months and 3 events of a new breakdown of leadership into departments, we had a chance to re-evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this system. One of the alterations we decided to introduce are the "Assistant Lead" positions.
The Assistant Leads, as the name implies, are leaders who will be training and supporting the ELT. They are non-voting members of the crew who will get the chance to have a closer look at leading from this layer. We hope that it will serve a new type of opportunity for community members to participate in the event leadership.
For more details on the structure of our leadership, check this page out
We are extremely thrilled about what this team of awesome people and new blood will bring to our events. Without further ado, your 2016 ELT:
  • Event Lead 1: Ash Monogue
  • Event Lead 2: Dusty Graham
  • Asst. Event Lead: Dawn Edmonds
  • Art Department Lead: Samantha Weinstein 
  • Asst. Art Department Lead: Sarah Griffith
  • Information Department Lead: Michael Alberghini
  • Asst. Information Lead: Sara Hensel
  • Safety Department Lead: Trevor Register 
  • Asst. Safety Lead: Heather Jensen
  • Operations Department Lead: Duane Edmonds 
  • Asst. Operations Leads: Seth Williams-Welch and Brian Marino


Our New Home

Written by Ben Bjostad (Cheesepants)

We have a new home, y’all! Starting with Euphoria 2016, we’ll be moving to Ooh La La Lavender Farm, a few miles northeast of Eatonton, GA .

Located about an hour and a half east of Atlanta, our new home is an operating farm, in gently rolling hills with a mix of open pastures and fields, old-growth hardwood forest, and replanted pine forest. Situated on several hundred acres, it is surrounded by other farms and open land, with fewer neighbors than we’ve been used to. It is a bit larger than Cherokee Farms overall; although different parts of the land will be closed off or inaccessible for each event based on the needs of the farm and the condition of the land, we will have at least as much usable space as we did at our former home, and probably a good deal more.

The open fields are flatter than at Cherokee Farms, which should be conducive both to campsites and to more bicycles and art cars. The older forested areas are more open; lots of older trees and open space at the bottom, providing potential space for theme camps or art projects under their canopies. The pine forest is perfect for hammock camping, and the trails provide room for people to wander and explore.

It’s beautiful, y’all. Imagine towering oak and pine over creeks and clearings, open fields that are just waiting for the arrival of lights and sound and art and the energy and creativeness of our community. It’s a blank slate. It’s an opportunity to, in Alchemy’s tenth year, build something new while retaining what has made Alchemy so amazing for so long.

There will be challenges to overcome. It is a more spread-out property. It is more rustic than Cherokee Farms; there are less structures, and no showers. We will improve the land, build new roads, establish more infrastructure, but this will take time, and it won’t all happen before Euphoria, or even Alchemy. It’s expensive to move and no one wants to see ticket prices go up more than they have to.  It will be important to read the survival guide this year; we’re so used to Cherokee Farms that it’s easy to forget that a new home comes with new challenges for campers as well as the burn as a whole.

We’re going to need the whole community to pitch in to make this a success. The Public Works Committee will have to work hard to improve the roads and establish how to best manage the logistics of holding a burn on a property without the infrastructure we’re used to. Fire Safety and Rangers will have to learn the land and identify how to help keep the burn safe. Lamplighters will have to determine new routes, Placement will have to discover how to best accommodate our city in our new home’s terrain. Each team will have new challenges, but just as our community stepped up to volunteer in the face of adversity at Alchemy 2015, we will step up to provide the extra volunteers needed as we determine how to build our burn at the Lavender Farm.

There’s so many of us that volunteered for the first time at Alchemy 2015. It was awesome, the way our community stepped up in adversity and made that burn happen in very difficult conditions. For those of us who stepped up to volunteer at Mudburn and discovered how satisfying it can be, we’re going to need extra help in making this burn happen. Euphoria Leadership Call Outs are live; please consider how you might wish to contribute your time and energy to building Euphoria!

Burns are a place where we celebrate the transience in life. We build amazing art, towering monuments to our ingenuity, and then fire consumes it in celebration. Through burns, we learn that every blank slate is a new opportunity, every evolution another chance to shine. For nine years, we’ve made the trek to Cherokee Farms for Alchemy, and almost as long for Euphoria. We’ve built a magical city on a hill each time, a monument to the communal effort and creativity of our fellow burners. It is difficult to say goodbye to a place that has been home for so long, but this is an opportunity to create new traditions even as we retain and honor our past, to found and name new neighborhoods and paths, to work through the challenges and growing pains as a community. It’s a chance for the temporary, transient society we build each burn to evolve.

Euphoria gates open in 130 days. We can’t wait to build a new city, in a new place…together.

Our Future

As you may remember, just prior to Alchemy 2015, the Flashpoint Artists Initiative Board of Director made an announcement regarding the future of our events at Cherokee Farms. We were warned about a potential new ordinance that could have severe impacts on our ability create and sustain the events we all know and love. While the ordinance has not passed yet - there is every indication that it is only a matter of time. Depending on the timing of when the ordinance is adopted, it could shut down our events, potentially bankrupt the organization, and end our ability to have the burns. Rather than continue to have our events at Cherokee Farms with this hanging over us, the heart wrenching decision was made to find another venue.

We all feel a little sad moving away from Cherokee Farms, as it was the first place many of us called our burn home. Many of us met our best friends, partners, spouses and chosen families there. Some of us were married there; others conceived children there. But most of all, we made many amazing memories there. But every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

It is time to begin a new chapter.

Without further ado, FAI is proud to announce that Euphoria and Alchemy will be held at our new home, Oh La La Lavender Farm, on the following dates:
  • Euphoria 2016 (year 6!): April 28th to May 2nd
  • Alchemy 2016 (year 10!): September 29th to October 3rd.
Keep an eye out in upcoming Alchemists announcing Event Cap, Ticket Price, Scholarship Tickets, and more news about the events, as well as many updates about the new land. This year we are going to face many new challenges in moving to the new site and getting it setup and ready for the Events. This may mean that we will need to increase ticket prices this year. The 2016 Event Committee is going to do our best to ensure that if ticket prices do go up this year, it will be as little as we can possibly make it. The most important thing is to start saving up now for tickets just in case. We can't wait to start this new chapter with you!

Calling all Volunteer Super Heroes

Shuttle, traffic, and parking volunteers that lent us a hand during Mud burn - please fill out this form! We'd like to thank you for your immediacy, communal effort, and civic responsibility. But we need your address!  Please help us spread the word and share it with your friends who volunteered.  The deadline to submit is 11:55 EDT October 31st, 2015.  

2016 Board of Director Nominations & Event Committee Call Out.

As our “events year” comes to a close, Flashpoint Artists Initiative begins its search for appropriate leaders for the upcoming year. We are currently searching for three new board members and events committee members.
The Board of Directors is currently composed of five members: David (Dwivian) Stabler (term ending December 2015), Tunna Kerosene (term ending December 2016), Jessica Seales (term ending December 2015), Anna Stroup (Safari Anna) (term ending December 2016) and Michelle Waymire (term ending December 2015). Jessica’s, David’s and Michelle’s seats will come open at the end of December, and we thank them for their service.
While the board of directors is not directly involved in the event, they are responsible for building and maintaining the vision of the organization, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of Flashpoint Artists Initiative. They are responsible for the ongoing nature of the organization and must act from that viewpoint. This includes contracts, insurance, land procurement, legal paperwork, communications, community outreach, and financial oversight. 
Important dates: 
  • Nominations are open until October 22
  • Community voting for board of directors is open October 25 - November 15
  • Meet the Candidates Town Hall: November 7
  • Election results will be announced: November 17

If you are interested in running for a board seat, please fill out the nomination form.

2016 Event Commitee Call Outs 
We are also looking for members for the Events Committee. This committee is responsible for the oversight of all three of our annual events. This includes Euphoria, Alchemy, and the Art Fundraiser. This six member team is comprised of two “event leads” who oversee the direction of the event and four “Department Leads” who supervise a group of team leads. This year we will be opening assistant department and event lead positions for those who are interested in learning and training to become a member of the Events Committee in the future. Ready to be a part of this team? 
Important dates: 
  • Nominations are open until October 22
  • Results will be announced: October 24
Interested in being a part of the 2016 Event Comittee? Apply here
**Please note, a community member cannot serve as an ELT while also serving as a Board member.  The two selected Event Leads are considered non-voting board members during their one year term.**


2015 Event Photos

These are photo galleries shared with the Alchemy community.  If you have photos or video to share, you can email the link to photography@alchemyburn.com.  Thank you!

Alchemy Gates Have Reopened! Please read for details.

Update:  GATES WILL BE CLOSING AT 10PM.  We will assess conditions overnight and make a decision about re-opening tomorrow

Alchemy entry gates are now open. They will remain open if weather/road conditions remain stable; we reserve the right to close gate if conditions change or become unsafe. We will reassess at nightfall whether it is possible to remain open overnight. If we need to close gates again, it will be announced via Facebook and Alchemyburn.com as soon as practical given weather and internet challenges.

All participants please be advised that you will be parking upon entry. You and your gear will be shuttled to your camp; given conditions, expect there to be delays. No major theme camp or art infrastructure can be shuttled at this time.

Thank you all for your patience and positivity during this difficult evolution. Both volunteers and other participants are working hard and chipping in to ensure you can join us at the farm. Please travel safely and we look forward to burning with you.

Please be aware that extremely rainy conditions are expected to last through most of the weekend and you will not be able to drive straight to your camp.
Pack and prepare accordingly. 







Alchemy 2015 Pocket Guide


Thishis guide contains many of the events participants are hosting at Alchemy, as well as a ridiculous number of kitten pictures. It is by no means an exhaustive list; many events are spontaneous, or were not submitted to the guide. I remind you all to let serendipity be the star by which you navigate our city. Thank you to all who submitted events, photos, and information to the 2015 Alchemy pocket guide. In a first for Alchemy and (I believe) a first for any regional burn on the planet, we also have a pocket guide app, thanks to our webcontent lead! Download it for Android here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details…

Without further ado, the pocket guide can be downloaded here.

Effigy Art Call Out

Remember how amazing the Alchemy 2014 Effigy looked!  That was a collaboration between many Alchemy Artists and Effigy Team.  This year, we're excited to amalgamate and do it again!  Are you interested in seeing YOUR ART on YOUR EFFIGY?  Here's the scoop:

We're looking for 2 dimensional designs based on the four elements:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Each design has to be associated with at least one of the elements.  The designs have to be on plywood or luan and max size is 3'x3'.  You may submit more than one design.  If we receive too many, the Effigy Team may choose to only use some, and not all, but every effort will be made to place all art received.  If your art is chosen to adorn the Effigy, it WILL BE BURNED.  It will be attached in a way that makes it hard to remove and so you should be prepared to see it go up in flames.  For many of us, that's a bonus!  

Please, do not arrive at the burn with pieces expecting them to be placed with the Effigy.  You must contact us first, because these pieces will need to be inserted during Build Week.  Yes, bring ART!  Bring all the ART, but it'll be too late to incorporate it into the Effigy once the burn starts.  If this sounds good to you, and you'd like more details, email me at artdepartment@alchemyburn.com.  Excited to see what everyone submits!