Alchemy 2019 Theme Camp List

Placement Map 2019

3 Old Men 

The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance. 

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves. 

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it): 

• bless the participant 

• ask to be blessed by the participant

3rd Aid

We run several massage tables and have basic medical bits on hand for any action hippies in need of repair throughout the event. Please keep in mind that our availability may vary depending on human factors [this shit's hard work and we are all volunteers]. One way or another our tables and oil are open for anyone to use so if you'd like to swing by and hang out or make use of our space feel free. Welcome to Third Aid, un-fuck your burn. 

AAAE - Assistant Animal Auditory Enablers

Representing all the overworked, unappreciated and underpaid animals in the burner world!


Back for a most triumphant return to the most bodacious of events so put your dance shoes on, be excellent to each other and party on!

Acid-Communist Guerilla Training Camp

Acid-Communist Guerilla Training Camp is an experiment in autonomous intervention, which aims to abolish the default world entirely, and disrupt the default-burn through spontaneous happenings which transmute us all from individuals into something greater and weirder. We want to expand consciousness to envision a world without work, without rulers, and to make the counterculture dangerous again so we can be safe together.

Alcoholic Alliterators

We are the Alcoholic Alliterators. Accurately accentuating acts of awesome, We willfully welcome weary wanderers from near and far to come and convene with us in our lunatic lounge for comradery and convoluted collaborations of colorful consonants. We shall also Have a bar, full of secretly skillful sipping- liquids, run by the Whiskey Wizard! Where you can come and bring the commutative calamity of colorful conversations.

Alpalcalypse Now

A group of burners patiently waiting the Llamagheddon... Possibly playing yard games


BDE is the way in which we come to love ourselves. Whether you have an innie or an outie, it's all about unleashing your inner awesomeness. Each path to BDE is different. Our BDE is as it should be. BDE has no gender. Only we can find our BDE. We come to times in our lives when we are tested--our BDE will get us through. BDE is our teacher. We stay true to our BDE. Self love is the greatest love. Camp BDE! 

What we do: strap-on sword fighting, booty battles, LED art, hair braiding, fun interactive games and activities, and Cooking with BDE: soup on Friday, goldfish burgers on Saturday, and bacon/cheese quesadillas Sunday morning. 

Important to our camp: solar and renewable energy resources, following the 10 principles. Radical self-reliance! Adult only. SHENANIGANS 

The Bizarre Bazaar

The Bizarre Bazaar is the most outward facing group within the Spectral Subverse village. We are primarily purveyors of hookah and fire performers, but our camp is also the most involved in managing the DJ booth, dancefloor, and fire circle. During the day we will have flow skill share hours and informal chess tournaments, at night we have bottomless hookah to share while enjoying performances from our many, many fire performers. Welcome to the Bizarre, we’re happy to have you!

The Black Lodge

We are a Twin Peaks-themed camp and we bring cool art.

The Broken Drum

Nanny Ogg could see the future in the froth on a beer mug. It invariably showed that she was going to enjoy a refreshing drink which she almost certainly was not going to pay for. Come on over to everyone's favorite fantastical drinking establishment, The Broken Drum! Filled with heroes and deviants alike, we keep the beer flowing in our comfy neighborhood pub. Just watch out for the wizards, they tend to get rowdy and set things on fire...we also plan to have our costume shop, Damsel in Dis Dress!

Brownie Brothel

"Fuck your waistline," call the denizens of the Brownie Brothel, purveyors of the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp! Come by our boulangerie of iniquity to hang out and consume too many calories! Regardless of your dietary restrictions, we've got you covered. Come by for dessert any time. We'll leave the red light on for you. ;-) 

Bunny Reasons

Why? Bunny Reasons! An inclusive Fluffle Family of (horrible) pranksters, lovers, thumpers, and others that (kinda) loves all of you.

Burnt n Bougie

* From the creators of Baroque n Bourgeoisie and Church of the Immaculate Consumption. All the decadent flavor, half the size, but don’t worry, we are still EXTRA AF.

Business Casual

Business, business, numbers.... Is it working? *ps. this years conference will feature a BYO story time and a carbonated fruit stand

Calamity & Co.

Bringing to you sweetness for your soul~ Arrive around sunrise for a fresh flower crown, made by our hands right on site, and get a tarot reading to go with it. Arrive in the afternoon for (real or faux) cocktails made with tropical fruits from our Florida garden. Arrive in the evening for screenings of Miyazaki movies. You are welcome to chill in our space and refresh your soul.

Camp Bards & Nobles 

At camp Bards and Nobles adventure is our song. Here we let our nerd flags fly and celebrate our fandoms through communal gaming and rolling dice. Join us throughout the weekend for D&D, tabletop/board games, and psychedelic medieval revelry. We'll run games each day that you can join, or feel free to use our tables to run your own games too! We've got the games, you bring the chairs, snacks, and adventure. Please note, our camp is 13+ and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Camp Bark Park

Who's a good dog? Are you the good dog? How far are you willing to go to prove it? That's right! It's time to shake that tail and raise some hell! Come on down and unleash your inner hound! Use those paws! Forget your feet...maybe even earn a treat! Dogs of all shapes and sizes welcome at the Bark Park!

Camp Bloom & Grow 

Loving who you are is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones. We are all discovering who we are and who we are becoming. Camp Bloom & Grow is here to help you help yourself through crystals, chakras, and self-compassion. We will be hosting our intro series, It’s Just “_____” throughout the burn. (Crystals 101, Chakras 101, and Self-compassion 101) We hope you’ll come by, relax, read, party, and of course, bloom and grow with us. Self-love and gratitude await!

Camp Called By The Fire

The sky is clouded and grey like a mirror Dreams of celestial bliss buried deep An invisible web of whispers Spread out over dead-end streets Silently blessing the virtue of sleep. I'm still Called by the fire My spirit Called by the fire Yes, I'm still Called by the fire Called by the fire Eternally The flickering light The heat of the flame creates and devours

Camp Cool As Fuck

Camp C.A.F. will be offering you a respite from the Blistering Death Star in the sky as you take refuge inside our large AIR CONDITIONED pavilion tent, cozy up to our swanky bar or comfy lounge area, and enjoy the delicious libations we will be providing (with ice!). We are excited to be on the Pub Crawl in the afternoons, a Pickle Run Host Bar, and will be a full service (but possibly half-a $$ed service) coffee bar in the mornings (or when we crawl out of our tents). We will also be offering juggling lessons when we feel like it and will likely spend lots of time around our fire pit in the evenings. Come chill with us and see why our people and our camp are all Cool As F**k.

Camp Count The Stars 

Come to Camp Count the Stars to take a journey away from this galaxy and into the beyond! We are a night-active star gazing camp with a cozy introspective energy and plenty of extroverted interaction if you choose to partake. Put your own ridiculous constellation on our giant mural, get informed on random space trivia, or just puddle and burnnn! 

Camp Illumiknotty

Camp Illumiknotty is a Viking based theme camp with some other randomness mixed in. You will hear Norse, Islandic, and Scandinavian music around the fire. During the Winter’s Night Feast, on Friday, there will be a short blot (ceremony) with a bit of education in Old Norse culture, some fire spinning, some music, and LOTS of good food...and probably some MEAD. We will feed as many as we can until the food runs out. **Must bring your own food weapons and drinking horn!** You may find a pop up drum circle around the fire.

Camp Just In Queso

Group of cheese loving burners looking to spread the love of queso.

Camp Just People

Camp Just People, where we do what we want, and what we want most is to be entertained. 

Camp Mad Tea Party 

We're All Mad Here! Camp Mad Tea Party is a whimsical camp where you come for the tea and stay for the insanity. There will be space to sit, relax, enjoy some snax (and perhaps some time). We hope you will come enjoy yourself or even get lost in the rabbit hole (bus).



Join in on a variety of scheduled and/or impromptu engagements such as live music, stand-up comedy, and fashion shows. Symptoms may include spontaneous evocation and radical self expression. Void where prohibited. See stage for details. 

Just feeling like hanging out? Take swing on our lovely lyra. It’s here for you. 

Finally, our signature FireSide ChatsTM are known the burn over as a special place for the late-night weary traveler to drop a load off, enjoy some top quality conversation, or simply stare into the flames for a while. 

Camp of Questionable Character 

A camp full of chaotic misfits invites you to stop by and see how you also don't fit in, and yet do. We will be providing a chicken and sausage gumbo on Saturday while supplies last (lunch-ish time) so bring your cup and spoon. Goat's Magic Hooves massage will be open at questionable times all weekend. Come by and hang with the crew, make some art, have a drink, get a massage or just say "hi"! 

Camp PHC 

Emancipation! Liberation! Intoxication! 

Camp PHC originated in the glorious Party Hard Corps, a guerrilla group of militant revelers fighting against the tyranny of boredom and sobriety. Camp PHC continues in that anarchic spirit and pledges to fight the good fight! We are a part-time sound camp and you may recognize us by our loud shenanigans, stationary Tank art car, drinking games and The Drunk With Power Hour featuring Fucking Terrible WhiskeyTM, and heavy use of camo.

Camp Polite as Fuck 

Food! Stop on by for quesadillas and a place to hangout away from the elements (monkey hut). Quesadillas will be from approximately 5 pm - 8 pm, Thursday - Saturday. Hangout will be anytime, rain or shine! We will also have a smudge pot for warmth and possibly a wood fire pit.

Camp Poor Life Choices

A group of friends coming together, with the understanding that we've all made poor life choices, but knowing that they don't define us. That being said, we're always down to make some more!

Camp Pretty Lights 

Come, be dazzled by our Pretty Lights, HollyWeird Film Clips, and Shadowbox with friends both new and old. Experience the Infinite Us art project. Grab an elixir from the Bar-do during special events. Spin fire to hot music. We are an original all-purpose hippie trap and beacon of luminescence.

The camp previously known as camp misfortune

The camp previously known as camp misfortune- is a chill space with a 10x20 covered chill area. Also, if the stars align we will do our best to bring an augmented reality sandbox.

Camp Saucy Squad

More than just a bar, this wonderful social gathering is a place you sure don't want to miss as a part of your burn experience. With great drinks, the best music, and fantastic atmosphere the Saucy Squad will provide fun and entertainment all weekend. Proud Host of the Pickle Run and It Burns When I Putt!

Camp Scope Creep 

Camp Scope Creep presents: Alchemy's biggest fan and the human spinulator simulator. Are you hot? Are you bothered by the hot? Well come on down and discover your body's aerodynamics as we blast you with a massive wall of fans whilst thermally coupling you to atomized dihydrogen monoxide. 

Now that you've been thermodynamically adjusted, go out to the spinulator (Cyr wheels) and practice your conservation of rotational energy! 

Camp Spookey 

Spoookey, not scary. :)

Camp This is Art.... Get it? 

An inviting space to express your artistic desires, accompanied by a cast of 5 star rated sarcasm enthusiasts


Enjoy the lovely limbo of inaction and indecisiveness at Camp WAIT! It is our divine mission to make you as late as possible to your next engagement. Want to know more? Please sign in and someone will be with you shortly.

The Chapel of Poor Decisions

The Chapel of Poor Decisions is your one stop shop for all your burner marriage needs! Whether you want to marry your partner, your dragon staff, the dirty hippy you just met or even yourself, we can make that happen for you. Saturday from noon to 5pm we will be helping burners tie the knot, get hitched, and take the plunge. Discover what kind of dream wedding you’ll have with a spin of our Wedding Wheel. Witness the joy and wonder of people who actually love each other. Enjoy the spectacle and majesty of a celebration like nothing you’ve seen before. 

*The Chapel of Poor Decisions is proud to have an actual licensed minister on hand for this event. If you have serious interest in actually getting legally married just bring your marriage license with you and we can make it happen for real.* 

Circus Combustus 

Come wonder at fire performers, aerialists, acrobats, fire art, dancers and more enticingly entertaining delights at Circus Combustus. We are here to bring you a surprising evening of fun, fantasy, and lots of fire!

Cultured Nerds 

The place where all nerds of culture can come and enjoy a nice fire and free whiskey

Darkest Deep

The vastness of the world's oceans remain largely uncharted, and this camp honors the mystery and magic hidden in the unlit spaces far below the waves. 

Darkest Deep is a nautical/ocean/pirate/mermaid/undersea-themed lounge camp for adults. Join us in the infamous Cuddle Boat to snuggle friends, both old and new; hang out by the underwater fire and chill out; or just come by to enjoy our aquatic art. 

We will have games, such as Davy Jones' cornhole and seahorse shoes, and other activities, such as fire spinning and body painting, throughout the weekend, and we will serve Bloody Marys to all divers of a legal swimming age on Saturday. 

Decoration Station 

A bonfire of the vanities! No bonfire, though. Come by to decorate yourself or your friends. Featuring: temporary tattoos, jewelry/accessory exchange, and flower crown workshop. Open whenever you need to put more stuff on your face. 

Detoured Souls 

Music, food, fire... 


Words? Let's meet at night and absorb visuals instead. Maybe music in the day? Fnord. Fnords everywhere. Hail Eris, Bob, or don't at all. 

Doods with Noods 

Serving quick wok'd pasta noodles daily! 12:00pm to 8:00pm. 

The Dragon's Den

The Dragon’s Den will be villaging with Shameless of Animal House Square to create a flow-festival vibe with a large fire circle and adult lounge dance space for DJs, LED artists, fire spinners, and dancers to collaborate and proudly display their talents and hard work. Rhythmn On Fire will call in advance for performers interested in presenting showcases or joining a fire show designed to open portals to the divine within each participant and audience member. Bring the love!!! 

Euphoria Gardens 

A VIP experience for the discerning hippie 

Flying Spaghetti Monster 

Come be touched by His Noodly App appendages! 

The Forge

A forge. Some chairs. Fire. 

Forward Operating BassCamp 

In a thrilling group effort, your burn’s new friendly FOB is bringing the bass and hosting bar for Lonesome Crowded West. Come dance, twerk, and hangout out with us! Wet your whistle at the bar, and enjoy our fire circle (but not in that order if you’re spinning). Introducing your next favorite burn destination in its debut appearance. See you at BassCamp. Also featuring Singing Wheels art project and Silent Disco Alchemy home base. 

Full Spectrum 

Full spectrum is a low key queer centric theme camp which is thrilled to be bringing a public, unplugged stage space to host a variety of performances. Full Spectrum's members have a long history in freaky ritual performance art and can't wait to bring a little extra magically radical self expression to your burn. Our camp will be doing fetish performance art, and offer our space to other performing artists; burlesque, musicians, flameless flow, theatre, yelling into the void, and whatever else seeks a space to perform. 

Funk Pirates 

We arrr Pirates! We have a Ship! We bring the Funk! We arr Back! 

Furry Animal Party 

Back and better than ever for 2019, camp FAP is here to party (weather permitting). We will be serving up gourmet pour-over coffee in the morning at our cafe and fancy cocktails at the speakeasy in the evenings (21+ bring ID). Come groove to some music, have a drink, or sit a spell and check out the pretty lights. Just follow the glow. 

Furrys with attitude 

A collection of exotic furry creatures displaying only the finest furry artwork at night accompanied by 90's rap music. Also please beware of the roaming feral clown that inhabits our camp. 


This isn’t a mirage. The G’Oasis has arrived to provide a relaxing space to escape the heat, with nourishing beats and relaxing swinging seats. Come by to chill, share some conversation, and dance the days and nights away. We’ll have our soon to be famous daytime Oasis party on Saturday. 

Get the Fuck Out 

This camp is made of the grumpy nerdy introverts that do not enjoy people poking at them too much. Sometimes is ok. Verbal filters do not exist for us. 

Gothadelic Buttholes 

We're an amalgamation of camps that have an affinity towards the dark and the psychedelic.

Guilty Pleasure 

A "Rave Cave", a place for us ravers to feel at home. The music will be mostly mainstream EDM that ties in with the visuals that we will project on a center blank slate (hanging white fabric). Many of us were ravers first or we go to festivals because we love the music and the energy that comes with it. But we don't like the trash or disrespectful people, which is why we go to our home at the burn every year. We just thought that it would be cool to provide a rave space inside the burn. A place where we can dance and chill to the music we love without worrying about being ridiculed by jaded burners who don't always get that it's about the music for us. The music and the lights. To enter the space, you'll walk through a light tunnel. This archway/tunnel will be lined with Christmas lights and covered with cellophane to create a refraction effect. Once you get through the tunnel, you'll look up to see the fabric, but around you on the ground, there will be different pieces of translucent blow up furniture (couches and chairs). The dancing lights (small projectors) will reflect through the furniture and on the fabric walls, ceiling. In the middle of it all

Heathen Life 

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake." 

Herhisensua's Birthday Camp 

All birthday all the time. 

High Anxiety 

If breaking the ice with new people feels overwhelming or fills you with anxiety, you are not alone! Camp High Anxiety gets you. We will be serving up a relaxed atmosphere filled with good people, good tea, and other goodies to help with the anxious feels. Drop by and say hi if you are feeling bold. And if you are feeling shy drop by and activate one of our ice breaker signals. 

Hippie Haven 

Just a chill place for hippies to relax and take a load off from the festivities...... and we have pizza

The Hive

The Hive is a safe space that is welcome to all participants. We will provide a safe shaded place for art, music, conversations, hydration, naps, and crafts. Come visit us and hang out! We will also have a fire pit that runs late every night, so feel free to stop by, rest your feet, have a snack and enjoy some conversation! 


Food and Art

Hydrate or Dydrate 

Hey hippies! Did you hydrate? When's the last time you drank some water? How much water did you drink? Did you say you were going to drink some water but then you didn't? Well, Hydrate or Dydrate is here to help! We are going to be running drinking games with water during the day(flip cup, water pong, speed drinking). Join us under our Big Ass shade structure and let us make sure you've consumed plenty of H20. 

The Hydration Station

The Hydration Station is back for its 4th year, and this time we’re bigger and cooler than ever. Join us as we continue in our mission of keeping burners hydrated! We strive to make our EPIC igloo a Frosty oasis for a sea of thirsty burners to enjoy. A healthy dose of delicious fruit infused water is sure to keep that nasty hangover at bay and keep your burn going strong. We've got electrolytes, you know, the things that plants crave! The water will be flowing all weekend long, so stop on by our super chilled AC igloo dome and try all our rotating recipes. Don't forget to bring your own cup or bottle! We're here to keep things moist and promote healthy delicious hydration. Come and be quenched 


A chill space with a small bar, a warm fire, and colorful lighting.

Independent Space Alien Seeks Same 

We are Independent Space Aliens that have come to this backwater planet seeking other seekers. Let us seek immediacy and radical self expression together! Or independently. Totally up to you. We are home base for the funded art project Merkin Dreams Come True. Come by to make your very own Merkin. We'll also be hosting a "Cheesecake Social" on Thursday evening. Bring something to share. Bringing yourself counts as something to share. 

Jupiter's Arcade and The fairy Circus 

We are Jupiter's Arcade and The Fairy Circus coming from South Florida bringing you our passion of retro games and aerial arts! We want to bring burners together to try something new or/and show off their tricks on our magical fairy aerial rig. We will be teaching silks and hoop during the days, performing at night and welcome/encourage new beginners and experienced aerialists to come play with us! Our aerial rig goes up to 24ft and will be decorated with different colored fabrics and flowers hanging from the top bar of the rig. 

Jupiter's Arcade is bringing Retro back! Three gaming stations allow participants of all ages to select and play from 100s of the most popular old school Arcade games, Nintendo, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, and Neo-Geo. Also while hanging out, charge your devices with our high speed charging stations via Mini-USB, Micro-USB, Type-C, and Lightning cables.

The Kavalactones

A small chill camp full of surprises. Stop by and enjoy our kava or cauldron ceremonies!

King Me 

Welcome to our lair! King Me is a fun interactive game camp featuring giant chess, yardzee, jumbo twister, giant connect 4, a variety of other games and good vibes. Join a bunch of cute nerds gaming out!

Living Dead Room 

Come to our living room of the dead for some good, wholesome fun with music, art, games, and lively conversation 

Lonesome Crowded West 

A rootin, tootin, whiskey shootin saloon of noted nonsensical 'nanigans!

Margaritaville: D20 

Inebriated Adventuring (Don't Die with the Die) Amusing Games (And Bad Puns) Good People (Well... Mostly Not Terrible) Adequate Alcohol (Fancy or Bucket) Margaritaville: D20 We are a fun loving bunch of nerds. We will be serving terrible margaritas made from the cheapest of bucket of margarita mix and the saddest of tequilas. We host the pub crawl, and are home to Ye Olde Bar, Stick Stables, and the Hail Satin Doe-Mai. We also go on several adventures lead by Wagon Drunk Christine and her fabulous giant D20. Note: Camp mates are in no way responsible for, or obligated by, the actions of others... Specifically and including permissions granted by TCO. Which is to say, she has no actual authority. Seriously. Even if... "Drunk Christine Said It Was OK!" 

Martian Playground 

A chill psychedelic lounge open 24 hours. Come stare at the projected visuals on the ceiling and play with some toys. Avoid the daystar with our deep shade. 

Mary Mosa's Bar and Games 

Mary Mosa's Bar and Games will be featuring three Alchemy Art Fundraiser Projects: BYOB (Build Your Own Bar), The Pickle Run, and En Passant Chess. The bar will only be open during the day and will primarily serve Blood Mary's, Mimosas and Margaritas. YOU will your drink from our BYOB (Build Your Own Bar) stocked with all sorts of amazing ingredients! Once your drink is ready, you'll bring it to the bar to have the spirits added. ID required of course! 

The bar will also feature The Pickle Run with a daily pickle tasting. Pickleback flights will be offered, and pickles will be available as ingredients for bloody marys. People participating in The Pickle Run scavengerish hunt will come to the bar to get their swag! 

Games GALORE will be offered for people of all ages! We will have several different types of chess, courtesy of En Passant Chess. There will be a ton of board games, and we will be hosting Naked Beer Croquet on our lawn.

Memento Village 

The Memento Village is a collection of camps centered around the returning public square project "Will You Lend the Crystal Your Hands?" (an interactive, 8 foot tall glowing crystal!) Come grab a tasty cocktail from the bar, resonate with some meditation singing bowls, and check out our various other art installations. 

Stop on by and you might even leave with a memento! 

Misery Loves Company 

A bunch of salty bitches who want to share in your problems. Come air your grievances and let us validate you! Ass Commander will also be in camp to paint your beautiful booty 

Motley Ghouls

Welcome to Motley Ghouls(formerly Color-Rama), where we provide chill spaces and good vibes. Come check into our Motley Motel, and laze around with some plushies and a pal or two. Stay a few minutes, hours, or even stay the night, if you so choose. It’s cozy and spacious enough! Oh, and you like swag? We got you. Be sure to pick yours out when you stop by!


Munchkinland is a Theme Camp for kids and their parents. We are not a babysitting camp. We are not a totally organized theme camp with dues and assigned meals. That being said, we would love to host a potluck/community meal or 2. We expect you to be familiar with the 10 Principles, and the 11th, Consent. There will be things to play with/on. There will be art to create and friends to share it with. Please join us for a fun, kid centric camp.

Manifest’s Skylight Soundsystem.

The purpose of Manifest is to expand consciousness through sound so that everyone involved experiences healing within and harmony without. We hold the intention that each interaction within our camp promotes healing and harmony. We are providing a multisensory harmonic experience with the context of ultimately enlivening, aligning, and manifesting all levels of the soul

Just for Alchemy, we are joining forces with the local residents of Chattahoochee Hills in order to manifest our “Skylight Soundsystem”. The purpose of the Soundsystem is to explore and demonstrate the capabilities of solar power in creating a fully immersive sound and lighting production.

Oasis Lounge

Sparkly Woodland Folks

Organic Inspiration

Organic Inspiration is about being inspired organically, together in the moment. We have instruments, lights, toys and everyone is welcome to come play with us. You may get a round tuit or a special moment or something new as a gift. We are musicians and artists and love to joke around. We are kid-friendly.


Our camp offers a fire pit with plenty of seating, a spacious shaded dining hall, and tasty treats!

Please Stand By

Technical difficulties. Please stand by.



Psytrance Fucking Sucks

What is that horribly-awesome sound? That’s Psytrance… Psychedelic trance, Psytrance, or Psy is a subgenre of trance music characterized by hypnotic arrangements of synthetic rhythms and complex layered melodies composed of high-tempo riffs. Come by and let us demonstrate why a majority of EDM fans would agree that PSYTRANCE FUCKING SUCKS! If you are particularly fond of sucking, come suck down some pho-king delicious Vietnamese noodle soup at select times throughout the burn (scheduled suckage to be posted at camp)

Purple power

Purple power is a blacklight photo booth, sound system with lights and lasers, daily mobile coffee stand, mutant vehicle support camp and home to climbable and inflatable art with an wonderous uv lounge.

Queers Next Door

Queers Next Door is a queer and trans-centered camp that aims to create a cozy atmosphere that makes burners feel like they're hanging out in their neighbor's living room. We welcome everyone to enjoy our art, comfortable chill space, and super queer vibes. We are also hosting the beautiful art project Puzzle Quest this year!

Raised By Rabbits

The herd is back and better than ever. Made up largely of Transformus leadership, we're in need of a good burn vacation (while still volunteering!) and we're ready to play. Swing by the warren for a jiggle, shotski, or some sweet tunes. Thump thump!

Serenity: Firefly Base Camp

Come visit Inara's shuttle for a cup of tea - live music bring yours - join ours! We are a friendly group of travelers who "aim to misbehave"!


Shameless is a LBGTQWERTY friendly camp and we are truly without shame. There isn’t much that someone from our camp will not do for your entertainment! Shameless is a Sex-Positive, love-filled theme camp …. Plus we drink a LOT.

Shiva Palace

A spiritual relaxing space.

SouthTown Compound

SouthTown Compound is a cozy camp offering a variety of fun! Come hang out on our AC bus or chill out in the Bell Tent. Play a game of light up badminton, bocce or cornhole. Come dance to some psytrance at night and get down with our funky day time tunes. Drop by and grab a drink from our Pineapple Bar, don’t forget your cup! Swing through and get yourself some Bottle Cap Swag or take a ride on our teeter-totter! Take a break and get warm by our fire at night. We can’t wait to meet you! We will be hosting two funded art projects: It Burns When I Putt by Corey Foster & The Pickle Run by Casey Davis (found at our own Pineapple Bar)

Space Dome

Escape to a soft landing pad with dancing lights in all directions. Indulge your eyes on luxurious luminosity; watch as the waves and particles prance on the ceiling of the dome. Let your senses enjoy the serenity of shade and cool air as you make interstellar connections with those in your orbit at The Space Dome.

Spontaneous Combustion

Not two days ago, I was having a look In a book and I saw a picture of a guy fried up above his knees I said, "I can relate," because lately I've been Thinking of combustication as a welcomed vacation from The burdens of the planet earth Like gravity, hypocrisy, and the perils of being in 3-D But thinking so much differently

Strange Customs Prevail Grilled Cheese Camp.

Come and eat Grilled Cheese sandwiches with us on Saturday afternoon.

Strangelove Initiative

Strangelove Initiative is a safe place for weirdos! Come sit and chill with us and discuss whatever strange thing is on your mind. Time Travel? Conspiracy Theories? We got you! You can also interact with one of our activities (AKA Hippie Traps) We will have diviners sporadically throughout burn and also PRIZES for participation. (while supplies last!) We also host the Community Clothesline (our version of a Giving Tree) where you can take or leave a gift.

A TeaHouse At The Edge Of The World

"Your Tea Master brings you full loose leaf teas served with a meditative smile day and night. Join us for inspired conversation and a relaxing spot of Tea anytime or drop by for Beginner's Tai Chi lessons, Tea Brew ""How To"" and Your Tea Questions Answered every morning and afternoon. Come enjoy the magic of a fresh cup of tea within your hands! Hot or iced more than fresh brew shall fill your cup! For you will find much here; lost and storied knowledge, fine herbs, treasures, jewels and fabulous adornments gathered as we traveled upon ancient tea roads through mystical and enchanted lands! - all await you!"


Thermia is all about staying cool and being cool. We'll have boozy and regular popsicles all weekend long, and as a relaxing shade lounge. Come by to get out of the sun in during the day, or smoke hookah under chilluminating lights at night.

The Third Floor Society Presents: The Too Late Show with Dr. Beelzebub Crow

Do you ever wonder how burners get their crazy art ideas? Have you ever been curious about the logistics of setting up a dome full of butterflies? Then come on down to the Third Floor Society Presents: The Too Late Show with Dr. Beelzebub Crow. This is a mobile late-night talk show set that intends to interview camp leads, artists, and burners to see what makes the burn tick, and maybe get some cheap laughs along the way

Traveling Tinker Camp

I bring my Tinker Trailer and pack it with hand tools, drills, saws, nuts & bolts, rope, cord, zip ties, batteries, inverters, soldering irons, tarps, and other doodads that have turned out to be useful over the years. If I'm in camp, I'm usually available to assist! If I go out and about, I leave a whiteboard near the trailer along with a map of the various Alchemy neighborhoods. Just look for the “Tinker Is IN/OUT/SLEEPING” tag and know at a glance if I'm within earshot (or tucked away inside with earplugs in trying to catch a few winks)! If I'm OUT/SLEEPING, leave a note on the whiteboard to tell me what you need and where (what camp/neighborhood), and on my next pass, I'll try to stop by and help. I can be found out of camp on my bike, so if you need me and see me, feel free to flag me down - I may have what you need on my person. *NOTE: I added a New Trailer as of 2017!* I'm in a pop-up A-frame with an EZUp with my usual “Tinker Til It Works” sign.

Way Station

Late night hookah and chill music

Where the Mild Things Are

You guys! We're taking it easy this time. No regrets. Tired of getting wild all the time? Come get MILD for a change! We got the usual wind tunnel lounge as well as some jiu jitsu mats to wrestle around on! Who knows what kind of low key shenanigans might whisper along. Mmmmm :)

The Wildlings

Here for a good time, not a long time.

Ye Olde Cocksmith

The name says it all! Casting 100% platinum cure silicone adult toys from a rotating selection of Dungeons and Dragons themed molds. Come keep us company while we create one of a kind silicone art and talk about consent, polyamory, healthy masculinity, art, and games. Hours of operation posted at our camp but subject to change due to weather, walkabouts, a neat bug just landed over there and I want to catch it, ghosts.


Zentopia is a place where those within have made the intention to be their best self. We practice energy sharing, rope work, community building and actively empowering each other and those seeking it to have the strength to overcome obstacles in their path and to open their hearts and minds to creating positive paths toward progress, mind, body and soul. <3

Zoltar's Odditorium And Wishing Post

Come by Zoltar's Odditorium and Wishing Post and have your fortune told, make a wish or place one on the community Wishing Wall for others to find and grant, enjoy the oddities and freaks, play Truth or Dare, consult the Magic 8 Ball, get some good (or bad) advice, or hear some terrible jokes. There may also be snacks and a community lounge for resting, cuddle puddle, skill sharing, massage, or other hi-jinks. Just be careful what you wish for… don’t ask for anything too “Big.” Be on the lookout for such infamous wish/luck bringers as the mystical Zoltar, Aladdin’s Genie of the Lamp, a large white Rabbit (this isn’t “Harvey”), or one of those pesky Leprechauns as they man the booth and wander the event. Catch them for all kinds of surprises ((no tackling please – wish bringers are fragile and startle easily)). Would you like to participate?