Now that we're settling in at our new property, we want to focus on rebuilding our leadership.

In this edition of the Alchemist, we're opening applications for

  • chair for the Communications Committee

  • chair for the Home Committee

  • three open Board seats

  • Event Director for Alchemy 2020—that's right, we're starting now for next fall!

That is six leadership positions ready and waiting for you to apply.


Job Description (brief): If you keep a pulse on the community, are diplomatic, want to help manage the voice of the org, and can handle 3-4 hours a week effort spread out over various times, then grab your bullhorn and keyboard and come chair the communication committee.

Job Description (full): The communications chair is responsible for taking initiative in a leadership role in managing org social media pages, official org emails (the Alchemist and other official communications), and working with the techops committee on managing website design and updates. An ideal chair is deliberate and diplomatic in their communication style and is available to respond to communications needs in 4-8 hours as reasonable. The chair has the freedom to look for additional committee members to help with communications tasks and add them to the committee with board approval, and may work with other teams on creative communications to increase community involvement.

Deadline/Timeline: Applications open Sep 3 and conclude 9 a.m. on Sep 13. The person chosen will be notified on Sep 16 and publicly announced thereafter.

Link to application form: https://forms.gle/kjY218NpYbh8gRTj9


Job Description (brief): Do you want to help create, lead, and implement the 10 Principles in the communities in the Metro Atlanta area? If so inquire within!

Job Description (full): The Alchemy Home Committee is being reformed with Luis Uribe as the Board Liaison and it has a new primary focus, Community Involvement. After several years of wandering without a permanent home we have finally landed in an area SW of Metro Atlanta. As such, we want to bring our core values, the 10 Principles, into the communities we now share space with. We want to take all of our action Hippie energy and use it to better people’s lives, make improvements to local shared spaces and overall show our new neighbors the kind of love we have. I am looking for someone whom has the time, energy, drive, and skills to help us network with other local Non Profits, Community Groups, and organizations to improve the Community around our new Home.

Deadline/Timeline: Applications open Sep 3 and conclude 9 a.m. on Sep 13. The person chosen will be notified on Sep 16 and publicly announced thereafter.

Link to application form: https://forms.gle/HuUqhfiLM2y4HvGJ9


Job Description (brief): The Event Director is responsible for planning and running the burn. They select and then manage the Event Committee.

Job Description (full): The Event Director is an appointed, non-voting BOD Member, working alongside a voting BOD member. Their role is to be the overarching “project managers’ of the ELT and the event. They are the primary coordinators between the BOD and the ELT. Some of their main tasks:

  • Overall event “project management” before and during the event

  • Providing support and back up to the Department Leads (DLs)

  • Recruiting and selecting Team Leads (TLs)

  • Compiling and managing the event’s master budget

  • Coordinating monthly TL and bi-monthly ELT meetings

  • Managing contracts

  • Completing the internal and external Afterburn Report

  • Coordinating tasks and projects that involve teams from different departments

Deadline/Timeline: Application will close Oct 17. The Event Director will be announced in November and will begin work immediately for Alchemy 2020.

Link to application form: https://forms.gle/kjY218NpYbh8gRTj9


Job Description (brief): The Flashpoint Artists Initiative board of directors conducts the business of the Georgia burn community year-round. The board handles all legal, financial, and contractual matters for our burns.

Job Description (full): Board members meet on the third Saturday of every month. Between meetings, they discuss board matters via email and chat. Action items from meeting are assigned and executed by board members. Candidates should be organized, action-oriented, good with discussion/disagreement,

Deadline/Timeline: Application opens immediately, closes Oct 11. Voting will be Oct 12–18.

Link to application form: https://forms.gle/CCWGZ82D6AoszR4T7