What is the art fundraiser?

The Alchemy Art Fundraiser is a combination of a physical event and subsequent online fundraiser that is designed to gather funds for artists to bring their creations to Alchemy. Rather than having a panel of people decide what art should be funded for the burn, we let the community decide!

How does the Art Fundraiser Event work?

Think “burner science fair.”

You come to the Fundraiser and make your donation to get in the door. You’ll receive a paper ballot where you can then allocate each dollar (vote) of your donation (in whole dollar amounts) to the artist(s) of your choice. You walk around, look at the rockin' displays of the artists who want your cash while sipping your drink and listening to music. Then, once you've decided who gets your money, make notes on your ballot and turn it in at the designated station. That’s it!

A minimum donation of $10 is required for entry. But why stop there?! Don't! The greater your donation level, the more SUPER SWEET SCHWAG you can get. Also, be sure to visit the ART AUCTION and ART SHOP to purchase awesome donated art, and in turn allocate your dollars spent to the Fundraiser Artists. Whatever your donation level, you can allocate every single dollar you donate to the Fundraiser Artists.

How does the Online Fundraiser work?

Once the Art Fundraiser Event is over and all the money is tallied up, the Online Fundraiser will run for a week. This will give artists a final chance to get the funding they need. Each dollar spend is allocated to the Fundraiser Artists. Unlike the Event, there is no swag or art to purchase. Money is just directly donated and allocated.

When/Where is the Art Fundraiser Event and Online Fundraiser?

Facebook Event Page https://www.facebook.com/events/2470798259618978/

The Art Fundraiser event is July 13 3:30-8:00 pm at Atlanta Friends Meeting at 701 W Howard Ave, Decatur, GA 30030.

The Online Fundraiser will begin on July 16th and end on July 23nd.

How can I help?

We need Art Donations and Volunteers! Please, email artfundraiser@alchemyburn.com to get specific details about how to donate or volunteer shifts.

How does funding the Fundraiser Artists work?

Funding comes from two places. One is the fund boosting pool provided by the Org. The other source is YOU, the community. When you donate money, each dollar you spend you then allocate (vote) them to the Fundraiser Artist(s). That Artist gets that donation, plus a percentage of the fund boosting pool, based on the number of dollars (votes) that were allocated by the community. If you would like to learn more about fund boosting, please view the Artist FAQ here.

What happens once a project is funded?

Artists has a few additional paperwork steps and then they get the money! They will then spend the following weeks preparing their projects to bring to the burn.

What happens if a project is not funded?

If a project does not meet its minimum budget between allocated funds (between the event and online fundraiser) and their percentage of the fund boosting pool, the money from both sources is then put back into the fund boosting pool and divided between the funded projects. While this means that every dollar might not end up with the artist that it was allocated to, it ensures that the community as a whole is deciding which art projects get funded.