Facebook group: Georgia Burn Perimeter Volunteers

This year at Alchemythere are TWO major happenings and several possible art burns that all require a Burn Perimeter. If you have burned before we ask you to consider burning in a new way, by watching the reflection of the fire in the eyes of the audience for at least one of these happenings. We rely on amazing individuals to remain sober for the duration of the burn, wearing natural fibers, and standing guard around the flames. In return, you have the unique opportunity to watch the awe and wonder on everyone’s faces, sharing the experience with others in a way that can not be described until you have done it. Nothing ignites without a perimeter, so consider practicing Civic Responsibility and Participation by facilitating the major burns for everyone! And who knows, you may get to tackle someone.

Requirements for all Perimeter volunteers

  • You must apply for a spot on the Effigy Perimeter.

  • You must be able to attend Perimeter Training. Experience/attending other Safety Department Trainings are a plus.

  • You must wear cotton or other natural fiber clothing. Synthetic materials will melt to your skin and are not allowed. Your thighs, chest, and back must also be mostly covered by cloth.

  • You must be 18 or older.

  • You need to be confident you can keep your back to the fire and attention on the crowd

  • Be able to stand, kneel or take a knee for approximately 4 hours. When the fire has burned down enough to allow us to drop the perimeter, you will be the first to know.

  • Be comfortable physically blocking individuals from crossing the perimeter line.

  • Be comfortable with having loud sounds and bright lights behind you.

  • You must be sober.

Perimeter are the cool guys who don't look back at explosions. If you worked Hard perimeter for Alchemy 2015 or Euphoria 2016, please wear your light up swag!