Alchemy 2019 Art Projects


3 old men labyrinth


The focus is a 4-path labyrinth of fabric and tent stakes, an octagon 40 feet in diameter with a 10 foot ritual space around it. Based on a 15th-century design, it has four outer entrances and four entrances to the center. Therefore participants are able to choose their exit as well as their entrance. 

The labyrinth is open for exploration/meditation 24/7, but several times a day the 3 Old Men perform their ritual: they strip, apply white kaolin to their bodies, and walk the labyrinth themselves to their appointed space. There they don their ritual skirts and take up their staves. 

The 3 Old Men—the officiants—then stand at three of the four entrances of the labyrinth. Each officiant offers a different gesture/agon to an exiting Burner (who need not accept it): 

• bless the participant 

• ask to be blessed by the participant 

• offer to struggle with the participant 

At the fourth entrance there is no agon, i.e., no blessing and no struggle. 

In the center is a temple bell and an altar, upon which Burners may leave or take items that are meaningful to them. 

We leave the meaning of this experience open for each participant. We welcome the participation of drummers and other musicians in support of the participants’ journeys. We also provide a space for contemplation and discussion before and after participation. 

Alchemy Wanderer 

Three adventurous burners embark on an intergalactic mission to bring burning man principles to beings outside our solar system. They build a spacecraft powered by the spirit of unicorns and emblazoned with the 10 principles and christen it the "Alchemy Wanderer". Shortly after a successful lift off and launch, they initiate an internal burn in the craft. As the burn reaches critical mass, the three eject and parachute to safety leaving the ship to incinerate for the benefit of all beings of the beyond!


Alchemy's Biggest Fan 

wind tunnel w tarp - Homebrew Jones.PNG

Need to get away from day star? Well do we have the aerodynamic answer for you! Come to Camp Scope Creep where we will present Alchemy's biggest fan to keep you cool during the daylight hours.


The Brownie Brothel


Come by the Brownie Brothel, Alchemy’s boulangerie of iniquity, to hang out and consume the most titillating gourmet baked goods this side of Default Camp, regardless of your dietary restrictions. If ya wanna, let your friendly neighborhood cookie pimps teach you a little brownie-based lesson about how sexy consent can be.


Bunny Hole Travelers 

IMG_20190630_213350-2 - Scoutz McGyver.jpg

Look around and down, you're sure to see the Bunny Hole Homes at the cardinal points of the burn. Where do they go? Is there a wandering hole? At night, the doorways are illuminated and seem to go on forever! Find The Center Bunnyway and explore its doors to any of everywhere! Perhaps they always lead us here. Home - not so far away. 




BYOB (Build Your Own Bar) - Ingredients will be provided for Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, and Margaritas for participants to build their own drink. They can then come to the bar to have spirits added.


The Pickle Run

Pickle Run Host Bar Sign.jpg

The Pickle Run - A scavengerish hunt where participants travel to different bars, trying a unique pickle(back) at each location (with or without alcohol). Daily pickle tastings and flights will be avaible at Mary Mosa's camp, and once someone completes the hunt, come to the bar for your swag!


En Passant Chess

En Passant Chess - Chess from around the world! Many cultures have a chess- like game. We will be building and featuring some of these games and will teach you how to play.


Comet in Stasis

Comet in Stasis is a glowing ice ball suspended from an 8ft wooden stand. It glows with otherworldly patterns, and refreshes those who touch it.

A suspended sphere of glowing, pulsating lights encased in ice, the Comet in Stasis brings the a cool, refreshing presence to the burn. This project consists of a robust stand and a ball of ice that is replaced every night. The ice ball (Comet) itself is 1 foot in diameter with LEDs embedded in the center. It hangs suspended at chest level from a chain. The LEDs in the Comet pulse with otherworldly patterns, attracting hippies from all across the burn. Once enthralled by the Comet's otherworldly glow, burners can touch and play with the ball of ice, interacting with this celestial body who graces us with its ethereal presence.

The Chapel of Poor Decisions

The Chapel of Poor Decisions is your one stop shop for all your burner marriage needs! Whether you want to marry your partner, your dragon staff, the dirty hippy you just met or even yourself, we can make that happen for you. Saturday from noon to 5pm we will be helping burners tie the knot, get hitched, and take the plunge. Discover what kind of dream wedding you’ll have with a spin of our Wedding Wheel. Witness the joy and wonder of people who actually love each other. Enjoy the spectacle and majesty of a celebration like nothing you’ve seen before. 

*The Chapel of Poor Decisions is proud to have an actual licensed minister on hand for this event. If you have serious interest in actually getting legally married just bring your marriage license with you and we can make it happen for real.* 

The Coolerdillo, Verlene brings a friend

Animated Apocalyptic Armadillo wanders with her Virgin burner friend, Tug, the Bunnypull offering cold tasty gifts from her side to passerbyers and inviting camps!

After a rough but well received virgin burn Euphoria '19, Verlene, the Coolerdillo has several enhancements that should make it easier for her to get around. She’ll be joined by her new friend Tug, the Bunnypull! Tug is the re-engineered, relocated, and enhanced battery-powered motorized part of Verlene. By donating her motor organ, changing a few things (namely tires), and putting her vroom in front of her, Tug, the Bunnypull is born! Verlene will also get a few new automated pieces as well - allowing her to move her head about to see the burn better *and* open her from the side, replacing her smaller cooler belly with a bigger one with better access! Lastly, both Tug and Verlene will be remotely controlled via an RF and Arduino set up! Also lots of LED lights and stuff and stuff.


Envision - Holographic Sculpture that "sparkly thing" that you may have seen by The Connector Path, near 3rd Aid at Alchemy last year, or up the hill from the Effigy at Tfus, or Ignite.. ( It's a holographic kinetic sort of sculpture & hang out space.) We may bring other art too...


Eye of Sauron 

Eye of Sauron.jpg

The Fairy Circus

fullsizeoutput_66 - carolyn SCHULTZ.jpeg

We are the Fairy Circus coming from Hollywood Florida bringing you our passion of aerial arts! We want to bring burners together to try something new or/and show off their tricks on our magical fairy aerial rig. We will be teaching silks and hoop during the days, performing at night and welcome/encourage new beginners and experienced aerialists to come play with us! Our aerial rig goes up to 24ft and will be decorated with different colored fabrics and flowers hanging from the top bar of the rig. We perform and teach at several studios in South Florida and would love the opportunity to learn something new, laugh and play in a super fun and supportive environment. 

The Forge

A forge with a blacksmith


Funeral Pyre 

Everyone will die someday. Most of us will do everything possible to avoid the inevitable. Some will choose the time and place for this to happen. A few will need help from the ones they love the most to make the transition. Please join us to commemorate the final moments of life with the burning of the Funeral Pyre. 

Fur Pod 

The Fur Pod offers a calming yet dazzling reprieve away from the chaos of the burn. It is a small structure with walls lined in a dynamic LED array, coated in a soft white fur. This piece is designed to fit one or two people at a time, to allow for more private reflections. The Pod looks like a modest wooden shack from the outside, but once you step inside you will be transported to a world of light and fur. 

Come stare into (and pet) the furry walls. 

The Gifting Tree

★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★ The Gifting Tree ★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★ Practice the Principle of Gifting by bringing your offerings to The Gifting Tree. 

One of the very first things I encountered at my first burn was The Gifting Tree – an area (usually a large tree, although the exact location/landmark shifted through the years/events) where participants could bring a gift for others to enjoy or where they could find something that called to them to take for themselves. 

Gifting and sharing are an important component of the Burn culture and the principle of “gifting” encompasses aspects of many of the other principles as well. Whether it’s through the sharing of our food, music, conversation, artistic talents, something from our lives that we are ready to part with, or ourselves through Radical Participation and Radical Self Expression, a “gift” is something to be given or taken without expectation. It is an opportunity for both giver and receiver to gain pleasure from the exchange and the Immediacy of the moment. 

While there are no “rules” regarding this process - a gift is a gift in whatever the form or level of creative effort or preparation (from a trinket to extra water) - just be careful of moop-able items that will get wet easily and thus be unusable. {This is not the place to get rid of the "extra" stuff that you don't want to pack out y 

uuuuuu. uuuuu uu uuuuu.} 

{Do you have a skill to share or to teach and want to run a playform type event or want to help maintain and de-moop the site – contact me on Facebook or email} 

★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★·.· ́ ̄`·.·★ 

Gifting – The ultimate in Decommodification, a gift (given or received) is open to interpretation with Immediacy, Radical Inclusion, and Radical Participatio . I ask that each participant, if they feel so inclined, bring with them something special from their lives that they are ready to part with, that they have made, or that they feel is ready for a new home – a part of themselves, their lives, or their talent/artistic abilities/skills, however great or small – that is ready to move on to a new owner, or that can be shared/taught onsite. 


Guilty Pleasure 

Guilty Pleasure.jpg

A "Rave Cave", a place for us ravers to feel at home. The music will be mostly mainstream EDM that ties in with the visuals that we will project on a center blank slate (hanging white fabric). Many of us were ravers first or we go to festivals because we love the music and the energy that comes with it. But we don't like the trash or rapists, which is why we go to our home at the burn every year. We just thought that it would be cool to provide a rave space inside the burn. A place where we can dance and chill to the music we love without worrying about being ridiculed by jaded burners who don't always get that it's about the music for us. The music and the lights. To enter the space, you'll walk through a light tunnel. This archway/tunnel will be lined with Christmas lights and covered with cellophane to create a refraction effect. Once you get through the tunnel, you'll look up to see the fabric, but around you on the ground, there will be different pieces of translucent blow up furniture (couches and chairs). The dancing lights (small projectors) will reflect through the furniture and on the fabric walls, ceiling. In the middle of it all, hanging/covering the tree, there will be white fabric that serves as a screen for a projected video. The video will be of festival crowds enjoying festival music. This is all meant to be a fully immersive experience.


Hail Satin Domei

Do you prefer your fabric be slicker than butter on a bald monkey’s head? Do you love a terrible play on words? More importantly, do you wanna chill in a place covered in Satin and acquire Satin vestments to wear within and take without? Come by Margaritaville: D20... Seriously. So. Much. Satin. 

Harmonious H20: Slide Whistle Edition

Harmonious H20 is proud to present its second installment, and with a cartoon- like sound this year. Get ready to give your life whimsically silly sound effects as you tinker around with our ginormous slide whistle. So come one come all and add metaphorical colors to everyday life with the magic of eau de vie. 

Hippie Trap Web Hammock

Hammock made from handmade rope, upcycled from trampoline frames with a climbing feature, birds nest.


Hippy Trap Light Box and Light Tunnel

Hippy Trap Light Box and Light Tunnel

Hippy Trap Light Box and Light Tunnel


The Hydration Station

Hydration Station.jpg

The Hydration Station is back for it’s 4th year, and this time we’re better than ever! While we continue our mission of keeping burners hydrated, our goal this year is to have a thick, fully insulated geodome with AC running for the duration of the event. That’s right, cold frosty air and delicious fruit infused water all weekend long! Last year was the inaugural year of our Igloo, and we’ve got some major improvements in the works. We have decided to invest in a new material that will keep our igloo insulated and cold, like a giant lunchbox. This insulated mylar is some amazing stuff! In addition to the new outer layer, we have purchased a 15,000 watt BTU AC unit that will be pumping cold in it all weekend long. This and our new, larger generator will greatly improve our cool air currents, roughly 10 times what we were able to produce last year. Inside the Igloo will be the 4th edition of our Hydration Station: a self service fruit infused water station open to all thirsty burners! We feature 6 water dispensers with 3 different fruit infused recipes per day. We constantly refill the dispensers and replace the infusions twice daily. The heat last year challenged our event, and we were able to provide a record 120 gallons of water! 




At the intersection of ethanol, naphtha, and adrenaline, a rare phenomenon emerges: the Hypercube. A reflection of where you are and a portal to wherever you may go, the Hypercube beckons visitors to stare into its depths only to be borne out into an alternate universe: the Spectral Subverse. Under the Cube’s influence, you may find yourself seeing different faces and facets of what previously thought possible, seeing things in a new light. Are you ready to look deeper? 

The Hypercube is a meter cubed LED infinity mirror cube. 


"if you poof it, it's free" 

midi and person controlled interactive flame poofer house within our theme camp 


Infinite Us 

This is a revamped version of the Infinite Us for Alchemuddy. It is a one way mirror room with LED art on the inside for people to hang out in and see themselves infinitely reflected while on lookers can see the illusion from the outside. 


It Burns When I Putt 

It Burns When I Putt is a burn wide miniature golf course. Grab your balls and clubs and play a round with us. See the burn in leisure and enjoy what all our wonderful camps have to offer. 

Lady of the Ring 

8 foot fire poofer with the 2D image of a contortionist - fire poofs out of her mouth and there will be passive fire in her hat


Lake Ruby Yacht Club 

It was not fine. Moist perhaps, but not fine. Did you miss the placement deadline? Did you ask for trees? Join those relegated to placement in the mystical swampland of Lake Ruby. Come explore and create yer own flag and add it to the masts of our twinkling ghost ships to protect us all from what lurks beneath. Remember, we tried to tell you, it was not fine. 


The Map Room

The Map Room at Camp PHC is a covered carport tent with a large format map of the burn inside to help burners orient themselves and find things to do and places to go. 


Merkin Dreams Come True 

Merkin1 - Serenity River.jpg

What is a Merkin? It's fancy hair for "down there." Think of it as a pubic toupee. 

Who doesn't dream of a magnificent muff? Merkin Dreams Come True is an inclusive art space providing all the materials you'll need to design and decorate your own gorgeous piece. Want to show off your handy work? Not only can you wear them around the burn, but we'll be collaborating with the funded art project Full Spectrum Ritual Stage to host a Merkin Fashion Show on Saturday! Come strut your Merkin! 

Crafting will be available during scheduled times. Please come by camp Independent Space Aliens Seek Same for the posted schedule or check the pocket guide. 


Naked Identity 

64782308_10219260889177115_8288029959100825600_n - Joshua Diedrich.jpg

Naked Identity is an ongoing project about identity and body image. Classical sculptor Joshua Thor Diedrich been traveling around since 2011 working with women from all over the Burning Man world to produce a series of highly realistic and individual nude sculptural portraits. The figures are hand modeled, then 3D printed in high resolution SLA resin, gold leafed and presented glassed in inside a decorative lantern or shrine. The shrines are internally lit and floating at eye level, hung from guy lines leading up to a central 20 foot tall colossal nude figure, with an internal LED system. The entire group is surrounded by an 8 foot tall red lacquered wooden ring of archways, with a veil hung in each entryway. The project includes attendees from Alchemy, Lakes of Fire, Love Burn, Burning Man and many other burns. 



The panopticon is a type of institutional building and a system of control designed by the English philosopher and social theorist Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century. A modern adaptation of this philosophy is surveillance. Set above a DJ set, a projection of a digital "eye" with dynamic motion tracking will gaze over our dance floor. The motion tracking eye of this project embodies the idea of "constantly being watched even though it may not be apparent". The eye is shut at first unless someone triggers the motion sensor by walking in its path. When this happens, the eye opens and flutters around almost as if following the person. 


Pascal the Newbie Burner 

A stuffed animal that will be going to all theme camps as a fun interactive dude. 


PHC Live Painting on the Lawn 


The PHC "Live Painting on the Lawn" Art Project is a large piece of visual art that will be created live during Alchemy. A sort of Visual and Performance art, exemplifying both immediacy and radical self expression. The Piece will start as roughly a 8 ft tall by 8 ft wide wooden plate, primed white, cut to shape, and stood up vertically on our Lawn/ Dance floor. The standing structure will be lit with multi colored lights so that is can be enjoyed/ viewed at all hours. Over the course of the event, the piece will be "Painted" in sessions. People will be able to enjoy watching as the art takes shape and form over the course of the event. As the unscheduled "Sessions" take place, we will invite people to come and paint with us, to contribute to the art piece, and help us create this piece of interactive art. 


Photo Frame 

Theme decorated photo frame. 


Pizza Palace 

Pizza for the masses

Pizza for the masses

Pocket Dimension Waystation 

IMG_20181006_184401-EFFECTS - Taylor Powell.jpg

The Pocket Dimension Waystation contains several cabinets, each containing a small world, scene, or activity to explore and enjoy. Each Pocket Dimension utilizes many different methods of miniature and scale modeling, from kirugami to train modeling! Along with the Pocket Dimensions, there will be many, many fun things to explore and play with that have been brought back by other Travelers from their explorations. These are called Dimensional Wonders, and everything at the Waystation is encouraged to be explored, touched, and played with. Come join us in becoming a Dimensional Traveler! 


Reflective Distortion 

Stuff and Things 


The Return of Verlene, the Coolerdillo accompanied by Tug

After a rough but well received virgin burn Euphoria '19, Verlene, the Coolerdillo is returning! She’ll be joined by her new friend Tug, the Bunnypull! By donating some of her replaceable organs Tug, the Bunnypull is born! Verlene and Tug will roam the burn during the day gifting cold treats to passerbyers as they wander! At night - they dance and glow as passerbyers roam!


Robert Harrison Flame Effects 

RH Registered.


The Sex Gong

Did you hear, see, or have sex? Use the mallet to spread the news! 

"Ask not for whom the gong tolls..."


Silent Disco Alchemy 

Silent Disco.jpg

Introducing Alchemy’s very own silent disco! Come by our home base at BassCamp West to check out some headphones and walk the burn with your own personal soundtrack chosen from three selected sound camps; new sound camps shuffled in every day! We bring the rave, so you can bring the butn. 


Singing Wheels 

sg1 - Chip Carder.jpg

Singing wheels is an interactive instrument for everyone’s enjoyment. It is made out of old car and truck wheels. Be surprised by the sounds they make!


Snack Shack 

Can't remember when camp "so and so" serves tasty "such and such?" Just hungry? Come by for 24/snackin' access to nutrition when you need it. Bring a vessel and fill it with food. A changing variety of sweets, savories, and flavories will be available for your grazing pleasure. This pick-a-mix food party will also feature a PBJ self serve counter, squirt bottle sigil art, unexpected meals & squeals. Come, play with your food. 


Space Dome

dome day time - Taylor Brandon.jpeg

The Space Dome creates a temperature-regulated space by using reflective materials. The proposed new solution is heavier; therefore, it’s more robust to weather and time. This facilitates LNT between burns and reduces the maintenance required moving forward. To regulate the temperature, Space Dome uses box fans and space heaters.

Spin the Wheel 

Can't decide on something at the burn? spin the wheel. Bored, Looking for something to do? spin the wheel. Did you bust a deal? spin the wheel. Maybe you don't have the mental capacity to make a decision at the moment ? That's ok... Just spin the wheel and let the PHC Wheel decide your fate! 

Spin the Wheel is an interactive burn game, that looks an awful lot like the wheel form "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome". The Wheel, Instead of having just horrible punishments on it, gives you fun things to do. You can win prizes, be given activities and quests to complete, and of course "Pinkie's Choice". The Wheel also acts as a education tool for burn culture, opening up dialogue about the 10 principals, and how to put them into action. This wheel can handle all of your burn needs. Come on by and give it a spin. 

PHC will have the wheel available at our various sundry event parties, like the ever famous "Drunk with power Hour", but you can come by and spin it at any time, written instructions are included. 


Stick Stables 

Ever wanted to ride a duck? Race a unicorn? Participate in Dressage?  These stick animals are here for you! Feel free to take one for a spin. Race your friend to the effigy. Take epic photos. Amuse your camp mates.  Do you find you love your trusty steed? You can ride ze around all afternoon! You can keep her the whole burn! You can take him home with you after the burn! (Yes, really!)  That being said, do not MOOP your new friend. If you decide you wish for someone else to enjoy the toy, simply bring ze back to this stable. 


Still Point Reflection Station 

Still Point is a supervised safe space where people can sit and relax in a comfortable and intimate environment. There will be paintings and interactive altars displayed. Live painting. Plus a de-stimulation chamber. (A more fun version of tranquility base) 


The Temple of Bananathulu

Join us in the cult of Bananathulu. Our temple is a silly interpretation of religious parody. View the sacred texts full of blessed word play. Take part in the sacraments of banana liqueur and banana airheads. Rejoice with us, yet be warned; 

“And behold, the enemies of the Great Bananathulu shall slip upon his skin and fall to their demise!” 


Tetra Borealis 

IMG_0438 - Ben Stewart - Ben Stewart.jpg

A shimmering rainbow tunnel that rustles in the wind leading to our cozy lounge

Originally built as the entrance tunnel for Love Burn 2019 in Miami and then rebuilt for To The Moon 2019, Tetra Borealis is a shimmering kinetic sculpture and tunnel that reacts with the wind. It is a 20' x 20' x 15' tunnel structure made from a net covered in nearly 5000 shimmering strips of dichroic film that sit upon a metal frame. As the wind blows, the 4ft long strips undulate in the wind, changing colors as they move. Its size and shape make it inherently immersive since burners will be able to be completely be engulfed within the piece. Its movement amplifies even the smallest gust of wind, creating a striking shimmering visual paired with a beautiful rustling noise. We invite you to lie down and soak in the ambiance. The max budget will allow us to bring an immersive lighting experience that we have been perfecting over the last 6 years. 


The Tiny Tempest

The Tiny Tempest Secret Garden and Cloud Library is a stormy little hideaway to sit and think, watch the clouds, and feel the feels a while. A misplaced walled square tempts burners to approach its stone gate and peer into the private garden. Just beyond lies another world where a storm is always brewing. The Cloud Library: Along the storm’s periphery hang several small light-up clouds on handles. Visitors are invited to borrow them for a jaunt about the burn, to light the way out there and eventually back again.


The Too Late Show with Dr. Beelzebub Crow

This is a mobile late-night talk show set that we can collapse and bring around with us to various camps! We're planning on having a midday show and an evening show during the day before packing up and going around the burn to interview people. Look for a standard talk show format with burner hijinks! 


What are you waiting for? 

What are you waiting for? 


Will You Lend the Crystal Your Hands?

IMG_20181006_195012 - Taylor Powell.jpg

Will you lend the Crystal your hands? It needs your help. Come charge it, bring your friends, and meet some new burners to work together to unlock its secrets! The Crystal is an 8 foot tall fluorescent sculpture made of handcut acrylic and welded steel, with arduinos wired up for an interactive social game. Groups of burners activate the crystal using podiums and receive some key necklace charms, and then have to meet new burners to unlock even more mysteries of the crystal. 


Winter Night's Feast 

Winters Night Feast.jpg

Camp IllumiKnotty will once again be hosting a Winter Night's Feast and Ceremony, Friday of the burn, this year. 

Winter Night's is a celebration and honoring of our ancestors, and/or loved ones that have been lost. This year, we will be incorporating some fire spinning along with a projection of music video(s) on our canvas tent with English translations of the lyrics. We hope to have guest participation by way of dance and drumming. Of course, the music will reflect in part what our ceremony is about as well as just some good tribal Norse/Viking beats! Song list includes thus far: Opening (call that the ceremony/event is about to begin) Blodbylgje, by R`an, Hakkerskaldyr by Heilung; Suurin by R`an; Helvegen by Wardruna to end. 

We will have a reading from the Havamal as well as a short explanation of the ceremony's purpose. An altar/table will be provided for those who wish to place a picture or artifact to represent their lost loved one and all will have a chance to toss this item into our camps fire, or leave at the altar for a bit. 

Guests will also be asked to cleanse themselves with sage when entering the ceremony circle. After the reading and the passing of the horn, the feast will be delivered. 


Word Wizard's Outrageously Awkward Wordplay

A good pun is its own reword. A pun that takes a moment to work out is better. A pun that doesn't use words... well, that's something else. In the beginning was the Visual Pun Garden. That was too restrictive, as it left out many types of visual wordplay. It omitted expressions, illustrations, and just plain silliness. Hm. I feel an example is necessary. Take two of those big, thick, heavy paving stones, put them together on a big brass hinge, and you have Stonehinge. There's the first one; can you figure out the rest? 


World of Words: The Affirmation Station Treasure Trove

Words are Powerful. Words have the power to shape your world with how you use them. Choose a card at random or pick one out that speaks to you. Take it with you or leave it here. This is my gift to you that has also been helping me.


The Worry Tree

Are you burdened with worries you'd like to cast off? Is there something that does not serve you that you need to let go of? Come place it on The Worry Tree. Materials will be provided for you to write these things down and then affix them to the tree. At the end of the Burn, we will burn the tree and release these worries from our hearts. 


Zoltar's Odditorium and Wishing Post

Visit The Zoltar Booth and find a wish to grant, or leave your wishes for others to find, have your fortune told, or consult the Magic 8 Ball. Just be careful what you wish for... don’t ask for anything too “Big.” Be on the lookout for such infamous wish/luck bringers as the mystical Zoltar, Aladdin’s Genie of the Lamp, a large white Rabbit (this isn’t “Harvey”), or one of those pesky Leprechauns as they man the booth and wander the event. Catch them for all kinds of surprises ((no tackling please – wish bringers are fragile and startle easily)). There may even be snacks or a few other surprises. {Would you like to participate? Can you tell fortunes? Do you have a snazzy outfit, would you like to be Zoltar for an hour or two – PARTICIPATE 

While there, check out The Wishing Post ... 

From a hug/cuddle puddle, to leads on a home, job or a used vehicle, to just something that you wish you had brought or need more of. When in need, turn to the community for assistance. From the small, to the outlandish... help, or just good vibes, can come from unexpected places. – The World is full of genies waiting to grant your wishes. – 

uuuu uuuu 

How to participate: Submit your wishes, dreams, prayers, thoughts, or 

uuu uuuu uuuuu uuuuu! 

1. Before or after the event: If you would like to submit your wishes, dreams, prayers, or thoughts in advance, you may do so by visiting the wishing Facebook group... https://www.facebook. com/groups/thewishingpostcommunity/ , or by emailing directly to wishes. Please include: Your thoughts/offering and whether they are public or private (won’t be posted but printed/ burned as part of the Temple Burn), your name, and a means of onsite/offsite contact for anyone who can grant your wish or take you up on an offer. 

And don't forget to check out The Odditorium... Do you have a weird skill or talent screaming to be on display... Has that three headed cat just been sitting in the corner collecting dust. Bring it on by for a visit. Do you have a knack for making odd things. Come put it on display. 

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