Alchemy 2018 Theme

Percussive Maintenance

Percussive Maintenance is the act of striking something to make it work. For many of us, burns are that swift kick in the pants we need to keep our lives in order. That chance to hit the reset button on our thoughts, perceptions and realities. In this sense, Alchemy provides us a chance to do some Percussive Maintenance on ourselves. We look forward to Alchemy every year to provide that shock to our systems by stepping out of Defaultia and out of our routines. This is our opportunity to create the world we wish to see for the short time we come together as a community. It’s not just a chance for anything to be possible, it’s a necessity in our lives. Join us at Alchemy 2018 and celebrate your Percussive Maintenance.

Thanks to Chelle for the awesome theme! 

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