2018 Euphoria Ticket Exchange

The private exchange sale is now closed. 

All remaining tickets are for sale in Tier 3.  If you have an unused coupon code you can use it to get a discount off the tier 3 price of $127.07.  Tickets can sell out, so if you plan to buy a ticket, you should do it soon.  Tickets are on sale at https://flashpoint.thundertix.com/

If you bought a ticket to Euphoria 2018 and did not get a refund, you can exchange it for a coupon good for the cost of a Euphoria ticket ($69.96) off the cost of a Tier 1 Alchemy ticket ($107.07)  This means your Alchemy ticket will cost $37.11.

How will it work?

You need to request an exchange for each ticket by filling out the form at http://euphoriaburn.com/refunds once for each ticket you are exchanging.  If you have four Euphoria tickets you need to fill out the form four times.  You have until August 17th at 6pm to fill out the form.  If you filled out the form after then, your code will be sent by Aug 24th.

  • Each ticket you exchange will have one ticket reserved for you to buy.  If you exchange three Euphoria tickets, you can buy up to three Alchemy tickets. 
  • These tickets will not be in the public sale for Round 1, so you do not need to worry about that selling out. 
  • You can buy these tickets any time between August 17th and September 13th.  You will not be restricted to the dates of the public sale.
  • These tickets will be held until September 13th at 6pm.  Any tickets not claimed at that time will be for sale in the Tier 3 sale.
  • Your tickets will be emailed from tickets@flashpointart.org.  Make sure that emails sent from there do not go to your spam folder.  http://onlinegroups.net/blog/2014/02/25/how-to-whitelist-an-email-address/

You will recieve an email with a link to a private ticket sale (NOW CLOSED), and a coupon code for $69.96 off the cost of the tickets.  You can use multiple coupon codes in the same purchase.  You can buy ONE ticket for each one you exchanged.  If you exchanged two Euphoria tickets, you can buy two Alchemy tickets.  If you buy extra tickets at full price your entire purchase will be cancelled and you will not be allowed to buy any more. 

Important:  ThunderTix marks coupon codes as "used" as soon as you enter the code in the checkout form.  If you do not complete the transaction for some reason, your codes will be used up and you won't be able to use them again.  If this happens, email us at tickets@flashpointart.org and we will get you some new ones.


I have not got an email with my codes!

Search your email for a message with the subject "Euphoria Exchanges Round 1"  from tickets@flashpointart.org and make sure to include your spam folder.  If you are a gmail user and already logged in you can search by clicking here.

I bought mutliple tickets but I only got one code!

You needed to fill out the form one time for each ticket you bought.  If you bought four tickets you need to fill out the form four times:  once for each ticket code.  Why do we do it this way?  Because people sell their extra tickets, and the person you sold it to might not want to do the same thing as you.  Go to http://euphoriaburn.com/refunds and fill out the form for the tickets you still want to exchange and we will generate coupon codes for them.  Note:  if you sold the ticket to someone else, IT IS NOT YOUR TICKET ANYMORE.  The person who bought it owns it now, and it's their job to fill out the form.

I bought mutliple tickets but I only got one code and I filled out the form multiple times.

We had a bug in our first mailing.  Sometimes people only got one code, but all of their tickets were converted to coupon codes.  Try using each of your ticket codes as a coupon code.  If they all work, you got caught by the email bug.  Sorry.

I can't remember if I filled out a request?  Can you check?

You would have received an email with the subject "Euphoria Burn 2018 ticket refunds & requests" from forms-receipts-noreply@google.com for each time you filled it out.

Can I let someone else use my discount codes?

Yes.  In ticket sale round 3 you can send a code to someone else to use.  They are still single-use only though.

Can I sell tickets I bought through this exchange sale?

Yes, you can sell them for up to face value.  $107.07 for tickets bought in the exchange, and $127.07 for tickets bought in round 3. 

Can I use multiple codes in one sale?


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