Core Burn Project

Core Burn: What Is It?

At Burning Man in 2011, an experimental project was launched to allow regional burns to bring their effigies to the desert. This project was called the CORE Burn. It was exciting to be able to bring a piece of Alchemy to the Big Burn in the Desert.

This year, for the 10th year of Alchemy, the year of Decadence, we are happy to announce that our project has been approved and we will have our own CORE burn.  We’ll be asking Theme Camps to submit and build smaller burnable art structures that will circle the effigy and will be burned with the effigy.

We will choose 10 of projects to fund and those project submitters will be given a pallet and $100 to build their project.

Important Dates

  • 9/22 - end submission form

  • 9/25 - Finish approvals and notify

Who Can Submit?

Anyone can submit that is part of a theme camp on behalf of the theme camp.

The form to submit is here:


The form closes on September 22nd, 2016 at 11:59pm.

What are the build requirements?

  • Must fit on 30”x30” pallet, we are using a pallet move to move the art structures for burn time.
  • Must be burnable using non-treated wood or other safe burnable material. If in question, please ask.
  • We recommend preassembly or quick build onsite. We don’t want construction happening on Friday in the main field. Your design should be easy to put together on site.
  • No taller than 8ft high
  • Secured and guided if absolutely necessary
  • We recommend you make a sign to represent your theme camp.


  • If you are approved, you must be responsive to the Art Team Leads checking in on your project.
  • You must use the funded $100 on your project.
  • You must bring your project to Alchemy 2016.  Figuring out transportation is something you must do. If you run into issues, be proactive with communicating with the Art Team Leads.

Stay Informed!

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