Rachael Mosley (Bubbles)

What committees do you want to work with?

Home, Conduct, Events, Public Works, Whichever I am more suited to, and what is needed of me.

What burns have you been to?

Alchemy 2012-2016, Euphoria 2014-2016, To The Moon 2016 and 2017

Why do you want to be a board member?

I want to join the board for 2 reasons;

1. To help ensure the continuity of the Georgia Burns

2. To be able to make a change in this community, by listening to the community at large for what they want, while also keeping in mind what is actually practical for the Non-profit.

If elected to the board, what will your priorities be?

My priorities are finding us a new home, making sure that our communication with the community and with the counties we are in is top notch, and to ensure that we can make it easier for transitions between board members.

What is your long-term vision for the future of Flashpoint Artists Initiative?

I would love to see our burns get settled in a new home, and working toward a great relationship between ourselves and our new community. Through food drives, and community outreach in any way that we see will fit.

What would you most like to contribute as part of the FAI BOD?

I would like to contribute my knowledge as a prior team lead and my ability to diffuse difficult situations while maintaining a balance of empathy and unbiased opinion.

Please tell us about the experience (professional, burn world, or otherwise) that you can contribute to the FAI BOD.

I have been a Ranger team lead since 2014, for Alchemy, Euphoria, and To The Moon. I have also been a Fire Safety Lead for To The Moon and the Almost Euphoria (2017).

I have done a multitude of jobs ranging from being a personal assistant to foodservice. I believe the term is "Jack of all trades, Master of None."

What roles have you served in at Alchemy and/or Euphoria? In leadership positions at other burns?

Answered in the previous question, but I have been in leadership for Goergia Burns for 3 years and To the Moon for 2 years.

Please describe your leadership style and experience (in detail).

My leadership style is more lax, as in I trust my ability to train people as well as the ability of my volunteers to remember that training. I will always be there as a reference, or to provide support as needed. My experience is when you micro-manage people, they tend to respond more negatively than when you work with them and give positive reinforcement.

Please describe a time you experienced a team conflict and the steps you took to peacefully resolve it (in detail).

When I was a khaki at Alchemy 2013 on Saturday Night, right after the effigy fell we had multiple ranger teams calling in for medical aid. We had 2 no rush (meaning it wasn't a very serious matter) and 1 now (more serious, not life threatening). People were talking all over themselves and no one could get a word in. I cut into the radio channel and announced the calls one by one, so the medical staff could get to where they were most needed first. The radio went silent and it was much easier to get a message out afterwards.

Are you ready to learn how the sausage gets made?

I have been watching the sausage get made for years. BRING IT ON. 

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