Mary Robb

What committees do you want to work with?

Home, Events, Public Works

What burns have you been to?

Alchemy, Euphoria

Why do you want to be a board member?

Preserve continuity in the org, and consensus and cohesiveness in the Board.

If elected to the board, what will your priorities be?

Find a permanent home for our events, create a lasting beneficial relationship with our home community, promote inclusiveness within the Georgia burn community, increase positive impact on our local and home communities, and ensure our continued efforts towards ADA compliance in our events and activities. 

What is your long-term vision for the future of Flashpoint Artists Initiative?

I want us to find, and cultivate a mutually beneficial relationship with, a permanent home community, and to create a lasting positive effect on and within that community. I also want to continue working towards a feeling of safety, inclusion, acceptance, and value among all the members of our community, and to encourage increased participation of newer members, by making them feel welcome and ensuring their awareness of opportunities to get involved. I would like the org to continue supporting and funding local artists and to increase our visibility among the local independent artist communities.

What would you most like to contribute as part of the FAI BOD?

I want to continue our current trend of Board cooperation, consensus, and commitment to putting the good of FAI ahead of our personal interests, opinions, and agendas.

Please tell us about the experience (professional, burn world, or otherwise) that you can contribute to the FAI BOD.

I am a practicing attorney, with 14 years experience, I am also the FAI ADA Compliance Officer, a position which must be held by an attorney, on the Board in order to be held by an unpaid volunteer, and the current Vice-President of the FAI BoD.

What roles have you served in at Alchemy and/or Euphoria? In leadership positions at other burns?

In addition to serving as Vice-President of the current BoD, I am the FAI ADA Compliance Officer, and a Board Liaison to the Events Committee, the Public Works Committee, and the Home Committee. I was the Effigy Logistics Lead for Alchemy 2016, part of the Effigy Build Team for Euphoria 2016, and a Traffic Timmy at Alchemuddy 2015.

Please describe your leadership style and experience (in detail).

Please see above for a sampling of my leadership experience. My leadership style can best be described, I suppose, as minimal drama, maximal encouragement. I prefer to continually re-affirm to people what they are doing right, to make certain they know they are appreciated, to macro-manage, as opposed to micro-manage. And to make certain people know I have their backs. I think people will give themselves permission to exceed expectations if they feel safe in doing so.

Please describe a time you experienced a team conflict and the steps you took to peacefully resolve it (in detail).

I am a professional mediator and negotiator, so I do this all the time. I tend not to experience a great deal of conflict in my team activities because I encourage communication throughout, which generally prevents potential issues from rising to the level of full-blown conflict. I encourage dialog and consensus, and will change my position when presented with a better option. That said, I set limits on how long an issue will remain open, and I will re-direct, or even close, unproductive dialogue when a decision must be made.

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