Chad Jones (Cinnamon)

What committees do you want to work with?

Communications/Tech Ops, Conduct

What burns have you been to?

Alchemy 2010, 2012-2016; Transformus 2013-2016; Euphoria 2014-2016; Ignite 2016; To The Moon 2017

Why do you want to be a board member?

Because I like pineapples. And I like coconuts and rum, and sometimes I like them all mixed together with a little umbrella that's on fire.

If elected to the board, what will your priorities be?

To maintain the integrity and community focus of the org, while helping the org as a whole and the events we all put on become more robust and able to weather the challenges they may face in the future.

What is your long-term vision for the future of Flashpoint Artists Initiative?

To continue to grow and remain the most robust burn organization in the southeast.

What would you most like to contribute as part of the FAI BOD?

My knowledge and drive to build consensus and to help the org continue to improve it's representation of the community at large.

Please tell us about the experience (professional, burn world, or otherwise) that you can contribute to the FAI BOD.

I've worked in wilderness therapy for nearly a decade, resolving conflict and improving communication in others. I've held multiple leadership positions for multiple burn organizations in the southeast. I was asked by FAI board members to serve on the board, and I am happy to have had the opportunity to serve on the board since January.

What roles have you served in at Alchemy and/or Euphoria? In leadership positions at other burns?

I have volunteered in almost every capacity for FAI including serving on the board since January '17. I was recruited as Logistics co-lead for Transformus and have volunteered in most roles for that burn as well.

Please describe your leadership style and experience (in detail).

My leadership style is one of relationship building with solution focused resolve. I will focus on education and making sure all parties are heard and understand the goals of the decision and hold to the overall strategy of the decision without blindly sticking to the specifics of a particular decided action.

Please describe a time you experienced a team conflict and the steps you took to peacefully resolve it (in detail).

I have had to deal with peers who are in conflict with one another as well as with me and the method by which I handle conflict varies depending on the situation. In one instance I clearly laid out what I thought was at issue while acknowledging the main point the person was trying to make was valid. I approached the situation directly and with empathy toward their position and asked them to change the tone of their delivery.

Are you ready to learn how the sausage gets made?

Oh I'm well aware of how it gets made. :-)

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