Alyson Brown (Ladybob)

What committees do you want to work with?

Communications/Tech Ops, Home, Conduct, Not so much an additional interest as a specific interest within Communication/Tech Ops... I have two specific reasons for my interest here. I'm not particularly tech savvy, though I am not tech illiterate, either. But my passion for this side of involvement centers on how we nurture our community and member involvement, as well as how we present ourselves both internally and externally. I'm interested in building up our culture, and I feel strongly that how we communicate and put ourselves out there are the foundation upon which that culture is built. Also under this umbrella is my strong desire to unify and improve onboarding, training, and retention of leadership candidates.

What burns have you been to?

All FAI burns for the last three years, plus To The Moon 2017; Bylaws Not Read

Why do you want to be a board member?

Because our local burns have come to mean the world to me. Because any group of people who want to do the thing can only accomplish as much as they are willing to invest their time and effort into. Because I believe in the principle of Civic Responsibility, that it upholds the others by creating the space for continued growth through community involvement.

If elected to the board, what will your priorities be?

In my mind, I see three priorities that hold a sort of primacy based on the way that I feel they uphold everything else. First, a reliable and long-term home. Second, consolidation and review of the org's documentation to better normalize the experience of incoming new leadership, to help nurture a cohesive approach, and to standardize our responses to challenging situations. Third, supporting and building up our culture and finding ways to engage with our members and our host community year round.

What is your long-term vision for the future of Flashpoint Artists Initiative?

I envision an ever expanding community that encourages the best of intentions in our own lives and events, that can come to recognize that positivity in each other even when we disagree, that can encourage that engagement with those outside our community as well, acting as (cliche as it sounds) a force for good.

What would you most like to contribute as part of the FAI BOD?

My experience with event leadership. My desire to mediate and always encourage cooperation and understanding. An extra drive behind the impetus for developing a cohesive approach to expanding community and expanding our understanding of that community outside of the specific framework of our events.

Please tell us about the experience (professional, burn world, or otherwise) that you can contribute to the FAI BOD.

Having worked in retail management, professional team management, and burn leadership, I feel that I have cultivated an ability both broad and deep to relate to multiple needs and perspectives and to encourage the peaceful reconciliation necessary to move toward a common goal. I love building enthusiasm and understanding, and I have no problem doing the work necessary, public facing or behind the scenes, to get it done.

What roles have you served in at Alchemy and/or Euphoria? In leadership positions at other burns?

Co-Lead for Connexus (Euphoria and Alchemy 2016), Information Department Lead (the Euphoria that wasn't), and Information Department Co-Lead (this coming Alchemy). Additional volunteer work for First Aid, Tranquility Base, LNT, Traffic, and to fill assorted needs. Feeding volunteers. Participation in a funded art project.

Please describe your leadership style and experience (in detail).

Encouraging mutual understanding at every turn, because there is no such thing as an issue that doesn't effect everyone in some way. Balancing overarching goals with relative prioritization in the moment. Always presenting a friendly face and approachable demeanor to members of the community and to those outside the community with whom we engage.

Please describe a time you experienced a team conflict and the steps you took to peacefully resolve it (in detail).

When I was a billing team supervisor, I had a couple of employees who were always trying to make what should have been teamwork into a competition instead. I met with them and came to understand what about their personalities gave rise to the most problematic of their behaviors. We discussed at length how they could perceive the mismatch between their approach and what they knew was best for the team and company, and we set up personalized goals that they could strive towards without provoking rivalry in place of cooperation, and the team really grew as a result. They even became two of my best trainees and motivators for new hires.

Are you ready to learn how the sausage gets made?

Nervous, but yes.

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