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We are pleased to announce the Alchemy 2017 Art Fundraiser!  

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The Online Fundraiser is now open through Sun, Aug 6, at 11:59 pm.  Go Give All The Moneyz!

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2017 Art Projects Submitted for the Fundraiser


More FLAGS. More FLAGS. Find the FLAGS. Learn their secrets.

The Brownie Brothel

The Brownie Brothel is the leading purveyor of from-scratch, gourmet, artisan desserts to the Georgia Burns. As done for past events, we plan to bake and distribute a wide variety of tasty baked goods to all and sundry, including those with dietary restrictions. Additionally, part of our mission consists of using baked goods to teach lessons about and practice engaging in healthy consent habits.

Smoke Bath Experience

The Alchemy Smoke Bath Experience is an opportunity for Burners to create their own variation of ritualistic practices that trace roots back to many cultures. Enter a large tent decorated with handpainted murals and filled with the fragrant smoke of sage, lavender, juniper and other herbs in a terracotta brazier. Use this environment to relax, rejuvenate, cleanse, and commune. Shells will be provided for skin scraping, feathers offered for wafting the smoke, and various acoustic instruments available for rhythmic pleasure (or bring your own). We must always walk a path that honors others' views and teachings without sacrificing their customs or our own.

Sky Writings

Burners are invited to send their own intentions, thoughts, and wishes into the sky on the tail of a super-sized helium balloon. Write message on the provided flags, tie them to the cord and let them be blown by the wind to spread the goodwill, gratitudes, and dreams. All will be able to witness the colorful flags moving in the breeze and can share in the positive energy created. Flags will be included in the temple burning on Sunday morning (if permitted).

The Total Hick Cooking Cart (T.Hi.C.C.)

A rustic food cart capable of cooking up southern style breakfast that will make Alchemy T.Hi.C.C. again.

Unburden Your Heart

The only thing on the menu of this artistic bar is nonjudgmental listening. Stop by, pull up a seat, and unburden your heart.

Camp Twig & Berries

Camp Twig and Berries is here to take your taste buds and flip them upside down! We will give you an entirely new culinary experience and a place to relax with good music and great people.

Unofficial Alchemy Traffic Control and Regulatory Signs

The project will consist of a series of official looking, but obviously flippant traffic control and regulatory signs installed along major pathways throughout the burn.

The Pickle Run

There are pickles hiding around Alchemy! Visit a participating theme camp, or find the traveling Pickle Bar and try all the flavors. Anyone who tries all the flavors and gets their card stamped will get an awesome piece of swag!

LED Dome

A gently lit, soft oasis for late night (or midday!) wanderings. Somewhere cozy & chill to rest and recharge before continuing the adventure.

Manifestation of the Flag Simulacrum

A mobile art-cart depicting a physical map of the Flag game updated in real-time and enhanced to depict hidden symmetries and secrets of the Flags. Also deals in Flag repair, virtual Flag simulation, Flag education, and Flag gifts.

Fur Pod

The Fur Pod is a small structure with the interior lined with soft white fur diffusing large colorful LED arrays. The pod offers a secluded and personal space, intended for one or two occupants at a time, to take a personal reflective moment, while still receiving a unique visual and tactile experience.

Behind the Curtain – Circus Combustus

Follow the white rabbit behind the curtains into the funhouse where the circus gets a little skewed. The performers are a little more mischievous and unbuttoned. Where up is down, right is left and all metaphors get mixed.

Pizza Palace

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, pizza would be it. After all, the sky's the limit with available toppings, even if you do think pineapple belongs on pizza!

Inflato Dimensional

An inflatable portal to another dimension.

Swing, Swang, Swung

I want to install 1-2 sets of 2 swings that are strong enough for adults. Paint the poles nice and pretty to make them look good.



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