2012 Theme: Choose Your Own Adventure

You look around the party, and across the room you see the most flamboyantly dressed man you have ever seen in your life. He has a spiked blue mohawk, tall leather boots, a sparkling teal shirt and purple pantaloons. Around his waist, he is wearing a cloth belt with many metal loops on it, off of which hang various items that seem wholly unnecessary for a party. He looks somewhat out of place for this art event, but seems remarkably happy and completely comfortable. You can't help but watch him as he makes his way around the room, hugging people and smiling, drink in hand.

You walk outside for a bit. The event is being held in an old warehouse building, the outside of which is poorly maintained. The poorly lit ground is littered with rocks and sticks. You walk to a set of chairs that you see a few yards away and sit down for a moment. It's nice outside, although given that it is downtown Atlanta, you cannot see the stars. After a few minutes some people sit down around you in the other chairs. They are all chatting quietly.

You look over to see that one of the newcomers is the blue mohawk guy. You find yourself staring a bit longer than is polite, and then your heart jumps when he catches your eye. He smiles at you. He must be used to people staring.

"Hi, I haven't met you. I'm Bacchus."

You introduce yourself, and soon, you find yourself deep in conversation with Bacchus. An hour passes in what feels like seconds. The conversation shifts to Burning Man, and Bacchus' eyes light up.

Bacchus asks, "Have you heard of Alchemy? It's a regional burn that happens at the end of September this year in Northwest Georgia." You tell him that you have never heard of Alchemy, although you've read an article or two about Burning Man. Bacchus gives you a short overview, and you are instantly intrigued. You tell him you think you might like to go with him to Alchemy this year.

"I have to run," Bacchus says, "I have things I need to do early tomorrow. But do you want to get together later and talk about Alchemy planning?" You agree, and Bacchus gives you a quick hug and leaves.

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