2010 theme: Skeleton Key

A key is the essential human instrument for opening locks, decoding ciphers, and revealing treasures. It is said that keys define the person -- that we are somehow measured by how many keys we carry.

However, locks are also created by human hands. If so, then we are defined as much by our locks as by our keys.

The skeleton is the framework of life and the hook upon which we hang the flesh of our existence. It is an image which evokes both horror and celebration. The skeleton can be simultaneously intriguing and frightening, inviting us to embrace death and life in the same breath.

The Skeleton Key opens all locks, banishes all wards, makes all things available. It is the solution to the puzzle, the path through the maze, and the secret decoder ring. For it to be useful, you must find the lock that needs unlocking, discover the code that must be broken, and be willing to see what lies beyond. You are the Skeleton Key.

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