2009 Theme: Shock and Awe

The term "shock and awe" was originally coined to describe a military doctrine technically known as rapid dominance, whereby overwhelming power and spectacular displays of force are used to paralyze and demoralize an adversary, leaving them exhausted and incapable of resistance. In 2009, Alchemy will reclaim these words from their military usage and employ the concepts of "shock and awe," not to demoralize, but to empower; not to paralyze, but to move you.
Webster's defines "awe" as an overwhelming feeling of reverence or admiration produced by what is grand, sublime and extremely powerful.
Many find those same feelings aroused by the power of the burn. In 2009, we set for ourselves the challenge of taking that an evolutionary step further, by exploring our own limits and our ability to surpass them together. What shocks you? What leaves you awestruck? Fire at will."

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